Sunday, October 23, 2011

14 weeks

Yesterday I hit the 14 week mark. I have an appt Tuesday and I'm sure everything will be moving right along. This pregnancy is so different than my other 2. With Ashley I was 16 and well don't remember much from that far back. With the twins I was high risk and at the Dr all the time. It seems strange that I only go to the Dr every 4 weeks.
We have been a busy family lately. Preston is playing baseball with Aaron being his coach and me being team mom. My business is going extremely well. We had the twins farm birthday party last Saturday. With oh about 25 kids here at the house, family and friends. It was a great, chaotic time. Then the yearly tradition of going to the air show. Ashley will be celebrating her birthday this Saturday. We are taking her and 3 of her friends out to a fancy restaurant. Yesterday Ashley & Aaron went to buzzfest in the Woodlands and I took the twins to the pumpkin patch. It seems like as soon as the weather gets cool our schedule gets busy busy.