Thursday, July 30, 2009

Texas heat

While we were in Canada and I would hear about how hot it was in TX I really was nervous to visit. To be honest though it's not bad. The humidity is the same as Newfoundland but just a little hotter. As I sit here with my sister in law enjoying my second glass of wine it's 84 degrees (26 c)
I haven't taken many pictures because there haven't been too many Kodak moments. We have just been going to lunch, shopping, having play dates and playing in the water. Tomorrow we are heading out to the Houston Children's Museum so I will be sure to take some pics for you.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Silent Sunday

We made it to Texas. We have already started spending time with the family and enjoying some good food. Today we had a shrimp boil with my sister, my brother and my parents. The kids got to swim and play with their cousins. Good Times!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RV trip day by day

We took it easy Sunday morning when we left. Since Aunt Diana, Uncle Chuck and Micah didn't get to our house until almost 1 am. We let them sleep in. We hit the road about 10 am and headed to Twillingate. The drive was beautiful. I didn't know however that when people say 5 hours, in an RV it's much more. The RV doesn't really get up to 100 km like a car does. We got to Twillingate about 4. We stopped along the way and got some fresh lobster to boil when we got to the RV park. Of course Aaron brought all the lobster stuff. The park was nice, we stayed at Peyton's Woods, it was pretty close to the ocean so we walked down there to watch the sun set. We quickly learned lesson #1: when an RV park advertises a playground don't get too excited. Here they had a wagon and a little tikes playhouse that was infested with spiders. Luckily my kids loved the wagon. We didn't have to worry about Ashley and Micah as soon as the RV was parked they were off exploring. We tried to put the babies down for bed in the queen size bed but all they wanted to do was play. We had to push them around in the stroller before they fell asleep. Twillingate is where we saw the most amazing ice berg's That is another reason it took us a while to get to the RV park. We took the long way and stopped several times to walk down to the water to see the berg's. Amazing!

Day 2: We woke up and hit the road about 9. It was a bit cloudy but we were hoping it would clear up. Nope!! It rained all day. Once we got into Corner Brook it let up a little so we grilled some steaks and baked potatoes. You will start to see a trend, we don't eat camp food. We eat good while on the road. We didn't stay up too late since Uncle Chuck, Aunt Diana, Micah and Aaron were going salmon fishing the next morning. Night 2 was really fun. The babies did not want to go to bed. We decided to put them in their car seats until they fell asleep then move them. It worked until about 4 am when Lily thought it was bright enough outside to start her day.

Day 3: The salmon fishing guide came about 9 and they drove to the Humber River to hopefully catch some salmon. I had my stomach set on some fresh sushi. Nope they didn't catch anything. They said the water was freezing, fly fishing was pretty tough and my Uncle Chuck fell in. All in all I think they had a fun time though. Ashley and I took the babies to the adventure park located right in the RV park. They had a kiddie pool, water slide, playground (a nice one) and a heated pool. The babies had fun and we thought it was a good thing to burn off some energy. They even jumped off the side of the pool. Since Gros Morne was only about an hour away we weren't in any hurry to leave. I think we got on the road about 3.
We had reservations to stay at the Gros Morne RV park but when we got to Gros Morne we drove by the KOA camp and it looked so beautiful and family friendly we decided to stay there. It was surrounded by trees and each camp site was L shaped for privacy. We walked around and let the kids play on the play ground. Aaron and I decided to try out the baby back packs by hiking 1 km around the lake. That night we had bbq pork chops and we made smores. I love smores. I try to think of creative ways to melt my chocolate. This time I put the chocolate inside the marshmallow. YUM! We learned a new trick for bed time too. We set up the pack and plays but since they wouldn't fit between the wall and bed in the bedroom we put them on top of the bed. The babies slept like, well babies. Aaron and I slept on one of the other converted beds but we both said we would have slept in the dirt if the pack and play idea worked.

Day 4: I woke with a whole new outlook especially since I got a full nights sleep with out Lily jumping on my head at 4 am. We decided to hike up to a place we saw while driving in. We packed our lunch, got our baby back packs all set & ready and headed out. We thought it was just around the corner. HA! It was 4 miles round trip. It was such a nice hike though. The scenery was just amazing. When we got back to camp the kids went swimming, we rented paddle boats and played on the playground some more. We stayed up pretty late looking at stars and drinking some wine around the fire.

Day 5: It was over cast but we wanted to go see the Western Brook pond and possibly go on the boat tour. To get to the boat tour you have to hike 3.6 miles round trip. We did it but ended up not going on the boat tour once we go to the dock. The tour was 2.5 hours and it was starting to rain. The last place we wanted to be was on a boat in the rain. We ate lunch and hiked back to the RV. On the way back to camp we took the scenic route. The road runs right along the coast up and down huge mountains. It's kind of scary and cool all at the same time. The rest of the day we explored, played, made a fire, cooked smores and of course seafood chowder. We decided to pack up so we could hit he road early for home.
Friday we drove straight home only stopping for lunch. The babies did great and we made it home in 8 hours. In fact we got home and had the RV unloaded an cleaned by 5 pm.
I think next year we are going to rent an RV again but go to Terra Nova National park this time. The big lesson we learned was not to try and stay at a different place each night. You end up doing more driving than relaxing. That is why we decided to stay an extra night in Gros Morne instead of going to Terra Nova and drive straight home Friday. Oh and I am starting to think there are no more moose in Newfoundland. We only saw chipmunks on our journey.

Monday, July 20, 2009


On July 10th Aaron and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We usually don't make a big fuss about birthdays or anniversaries. This year though he let me know a few days before the big day that we had reservations at a place we had never been before. Wow I was impressed that he made reservations and on our anniversary. Anyway we were about to leave and I came downstairs to find a big, wrapped box. Huge brownie points for Aaron, he got me an embroidery machine. Not just any embroidery machine, top of the line baby. He said he researched, looked at a few forums and even got some advice from the lady at the sewing place where he bought the machine. Let me tell you I am very impressed. I think we should make a fuss about all our birthdays and anniversaries from now on. Dinner was great we went to a place called Portabello's. The atmosphere was good the food was just so-so.
Here are a few bloomers I have done:

You can tell that these were my first to do but once they are on a diaper you can't tell how crooked it is, lol

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Silent Sunday!

Here are some pics from our recent camping trip to Gros Morne. Stay tuned for posts about our anniversary and our trip. For now enjoy these. Here is the link to the full album with lots more pictures.

Aaron is holding a mirror and took this picture.

Friday, July 10, 2009

5 Years!

5 years ago today Aaron and I got married in a small white wedding chapel in Vegas. Don't worry we didn't elope it was all planned. When someone asks where do you see your self in 5 years I always have to chuckle because in no way did I see myself married to Aaron and living in Newfoundland. I knew when we met though that we had something special. It only took 9 months before we knew we were going to be married. We only dated for a year before we tied the knot. I guess what they say is true, you just know. It's funny where life takes you. I am so happy and blessed to be married to such a wonderful man.
We didn't have any plans for our anniversary since we have guests coming in tomorrow and we are going rving for a week on Sunday. Yesterday Aaron came home and said we have reservations tomorrow. I said oh really where, he said I am not telling but it's somewhere we have never been. Now I am so excited to see where we are going tonight. I will let you know how it was.

Monday, July 6, 2009

New pictures

We took the kids to the beach htis weekend. I am really too lazy right now to upload them so if you want to see them go here: Beach Pictures

Sunday, July 5, 2009