Monday, June 30, 2008

Our unforgettable boat tour

We were undecided if we were even going to go yesterday since it was foggy and cloudy in the morning. The fog cleared and the sun partially started to shine so we decided to drive down to the boat tour site. We arrived in Bay Bulls about an hour before the boat was to leave so we decided to eat lunch. We found this restaurant/pub in town. I had seafood lasagna which was amazing, Ashley had fish and chips and Aaron had the crab legs. Lunch was great and the food was wonderful. We headed down to the dock and boarded the boat. We had the babies in individual smaller strollers because the double stroller would have been a pain. We brought blankets and jackets so they would be all snug and warm. Right away we went to the top front of the boat to get a better view. I noticed that the swells were huge and Aaron even said that it was a rough day. The captain came on the load speaker to mention the swells were 10 to 12 feet. Oh joy!!! All I could see is water and we were moving up and down and up and down. We started out at a wildlife preserve that was home to thousands of Puffins. We got the whole spiel about them then headed to the iceberg. From there I really don't remember anything the captain had to say because I was feeling very sick. Aaron asked if I was ok and I kind of nodded as I ran to the bathroom. At least I made it to the bathroom. I think what did it was I turned around to find a lady behind me sitting on the floor of the boat holding a barf bag. Ewwww.
We got lots of great pictures and saw the puff of water coming from the blow hole of a whale. It was an fun trip but I can say I will not be eating a huge meal before going back out on a boat.

All about Puffins:

The Atlantic Puffin is a small, pigeon-sized seabird which lives on the open ocean throughout the majority of the year, breeding in colonies on northern seacoasts and rocky islands from April to mid-August. Puffins lay one egg that is incubated in turn by each adult for approximately 39-43 days. The adults feed the chick fish for approximately 45 days, although that period may be considerably longer depending on the quality of the fishing resources nearby, after which time the puffling is large enough to fledge (leave) the nest. Puffins live at sea and are well adapted to this lifestyle. They are excellent swimmers, using their wings to essentially ‘fly’ underwater while using their feet to control direction. They hunt a variety of small fish including herring, hake, capelin and sand lance. Puffins do not come to land outside of the breeding season, flying, swimming or riding the ocean surface throughout the year regardless of weather.The Atlantic Puffin is the only species of puffin found on the Atlantic coast. The other species of puffin, of which there are three, occur only in the Pacific.

The tour boat coming in to pick us up. The babies all ready to board the boat.
Ashley trying to warm up against me.
The light house off the harbour.
Puffins in their natural habitat.

These birds are called common murres.

Iceberg that is only 3 years old.

Is it me or does this thing look like a PIG!

On our way back to land.

Hold on Ash!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A nice relaxing weekend

We went out to dinner last night to a steak restaurant in downtown St John's. It was so good!!! We fed the babies before we left and they stayed awake until our food arrived. We had them out of their car seats so everyone came up and had to look at them while we were waiting for our table. All the pretty girls love to come up and make Preston laugh. Aaron doesn't mind. hehe
Today we had a whale watching tour scheduled but it was foggy so I rescheduled to tomorrow. Ash and I went to Sears to finally get a microwave. I kept saying we were going to get one but just never got around to it. We also found a scrap booking store. It was ok they didn't have nearly as much stuff as Michael's has. I looked at some stuff at Michael's and it is very pricey. double what I am used to paying. I stocked up on most things before I left so I should be good.
We came home to Aaron starting his first batch of beer. Chris inspired him to create his own brew. Well also the fact that beer is $24 for a 12 pack. The stuff we drink anyway. We found a local brew store where Aaron could get the whole kit to brew his own beer. So the rest of the day Aaron brewed beer, I got some of my scrapbook stuff organized, Ashley played with her soccer ball, watched tv, surfed the net and the babies did their usual play, eat and sleep. Aaron also cooked a pork stew. Man it was so good! It's nice that we live in Canada but can eat something like that to remind us of home.
Tomorrow we will try the boat tour again. Ashley's first soccer game is on Monday so she is busy practicing to get ready to kick butt!!!
Take care and we love and miss you all.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I totally forgot to mention

Ashley and I went to Michael's to look around and saw they had a Wilton cake decorating class. I asked her if she wanted to sign up. She said yes only if I did. The class is regularly $35.00 but they are offereing 50% off for July and we had a $10 coupon so it was only $7.50. There are 4 courses we will start with course 1. Ashley already has a cake decorating kit (Betty Crocker) but she wants the Wilton one. We are hoping to take all 4 courses. They are in the evening so it will be after Aaron gets home.
I hope your enjoying the videos and pictures. I need to take some of the yard. I should have taken a before picture but trust me it was really bad. I would be so embarassed.
Take care- Staci
Since Monday I have been working in the yard trying to get the flower beds done. As you may know I love digging in the dirt. I have not been able to do this for over a year since I was going through IVF then got pregnant then had babies. So this has been long over due. I dug out the old stuff and leveled it all. I decided to put down this black paper weed blocker type thing. I usually use Preen but here in Canada they don't sell stuff like that. After I put down the paper I planted all my plants and covered it with mulch. This has taken about 3 days of working off and on, between baby feedings, interruptions and running to Home Depot because I forgot something. Sunday evening Aaron was helping me and we were almost done when it got to be 6 and the babies were getting hungry. I asked Ashley if she could feed them. This is the video that she took while feeding them. They love it when sissy feeds them because they get all messy!

I will post pictures of the yard soon. I finally found a yard man. He is here now cutting the weed infested yard. I think I should start harvesting my dandelions. lol! Hopefully I can get rid of them soon. That is something else they don't have here. Weed and Feed. I had to buy strait fertilizer and hope the new healthy grass will take over the weeds. Stay tuned we will see how that works out for me.

Lately I have been feeding the babies homemade baby food. Not every meal but at least 2 meals a day. So far I have made green beans, peas, carrots, corn and bananas. Oh and the other day we had ground beef so before I put any spices in it I threw it in with some peas and pureed it. They loved it. They have had meat before but it was in the baby food from the store. It is usually chicken with veggies or sweet potatoes or some other combination. I am not trying to not buy baby food I just figure if we are eating the same thing why not put some in a bowl for them. Last night we had mashed potatoes so Ashley asked if she could give them some. Here are some pictures of that. It was after they had eaten so they didn't eat alot of it. I think they loved it though. Between mine and Aaron's family I don't think these babies will have any eating problems at all. We love FOOD!!!!!!

Monday Ashley and I went to pick up her jersey and soccer schedule. She is pretty excited. She is nervous because she says she doesn't know how to play soccer. I told her all you have to do is get it through the goal without your hands touching it. Easy enough right. We also found out that there will be 3 boys on her team. Now she is even more nervous. She is so boy crazy. Aaron and I are really excited to go and watch her and cheer her on. We went to the store yesterday and got her cleats, shin guards, socks and shorts. She wouldn't let me take any pictures of her so I had to sneak it. And here she is the new soccer playing ASHLEY:

Lily is all over the place she scoots on one arm and pulls herself with the other. I guess it's like an army crawl.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You may or may not have noticed I have a new blog I am reading. It is Zac Sunderland, he is a 16 year old who is sailing around the world, ALONE!!!! I heard about him on Good Morning America and have been following his story. He has a blog so I added it to my list. It will take him about 18 months to do this. It is so crazy to think his parents are ok with this. I just thought I would share what an amazing adventure this kid is going on. I have also started to google different types of blogs. There are so many out there from parenting to scrapbooking. Call me nosey but I love reading what is going on in other people's world.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I haven't posted much lately. It's been more of a here we are, we are all great, here are some pictures. This week Aaron has been in Germany. I knew he was going but didn't know it would be so tough. He had a global meeting that he had to give a presentation for. It was tough be cause well we are in Canada and we don't know a soul. Usually when Aaron's gone I head over to Tasha's or send Ashley off to her friends house if she drives me crazy. Not this week though. We have had to stick it out together and it hasn't been so bad. But when you have the babies and a 13 year old all wanting your attention and no one to pass the kids off to at 6 in the evening so you can get dinner ready, bathe babies and clean up it can be tough. Luckily Ashley IS 13 and can lend a hand. We have gone out to lunch, dinner and have been walking alot!!! I guess when you don't know anyone the best thing to do is lean on each other.
Preston has started to get up on his knees and rock back and forth and sometimes goes backwards. I have a video but have had a lot of trouble uploading it. Once it gets fixed though I will post it. It is so freakin cute.
We have not been able to get our yard cut. I have called 5 lawn companies and they are all booked. If I was in Houston I could get a mexican in like 5 mins to cut it. Not here. One guy said well ma'am you are already 3 cuts into the season we won't touch it. Hello it's not like it's a jungle. So guess what we get to do tomorrow. Yup that's right we get to go and buy a mower to do the damn yard our self. We are so used to Jose doing it for the past 4 years I hope we can manage. I think the hill is going to be rough, we will see though.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Every evening the fog rolls in from across the bay. You can see Bell island but sometimes we look out and you can't see it at all.

Is this a bluebonnet in Canada? It sure looks like it.

Yea we live at the bottom of this hill. No wonder we only walk a few times a week. Feel the burn Ashley!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Topsail beach

It was such a gorgeous day here so we decided to go to the local beach. The babies loved swinging but kept falling back so I put Preston in the swing with Lily.

Lily why is your swing so high off the ground?!?!?

What a gorgeous view!

Just hanging around

Awww two of a kind

On our way home Ashley saw this waterfall so we pulled over and took some pictures.

We live just over that mountain.

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