Sunday, September 30, 2012


I used to be soooo very organized and some say I still am. I used to be way more OCD organized before the chaos of kids took over. I have found lately though since the newness of Carly has worn off and life is returning to a routine that I need to get organized. I converted my pantry door into a family go to for sports schedules, appointments, school calendars. I like that it's centrally located, easily accessible and can be hidden. To create I used:

4 pack of cork panels Walmart $5.94
2- 3 pk picture hanging strips from 3m $3.27
1- 2pk spring clips from 3m $5.88
1 desk calendar $3.88
thumb tacks $had at home

I first measured my door. Since my tiles are 12x12 I had to trim an inch off of each tile using a rotary blade. You can use scissors if you don't have a rotary blade. I hung my calendar first since I knew the door know would be in the way. I used the spring clips for it so I could take it off to add dates. I then used 3 strips on each cork panel to hang. You will want to hang the cork panels high enough so the papers you put on it don't hang down where you can't see the calendar. I only used 2 panels from the 4 pack and put the others on the inside of a cabinet we store our medicine in to put emergency numbers and info for babysitters.

I also created an art wall for the kids to hang their pictures on. My Lily is an artist, very crafty and loves to draw. She often makes several pictures a day and wants to tape them all over the house.This art wall is perfect for her to display her art for everyone to see. It's upstairs in the playroom in the hall between Preston and Lily's room.We need some more art on it now. I also plan to get big letters from Hobby Lobby to spell CREATE.
This project was basically free. I raided my husbands tools. I found a picture hanging wire, nails and some Ikea hooks with clips I had leftover from another project. I hung 3 nails. Wrapped the wire around the first nail then the middle then the end. I tried to keep it straight without it being too tight. Hang the clips and add your art. You could easily use paper clips on string, cloths pins or binder clips for this as well.