Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mama Jean, Lily and Preston

Nana and Preston

Uncle Andy and Preston

Papa, Mama Jean and Presley

Ashley and her new best friend

Mama Jean and Lily

Aaron and Andy

Mama Jean and Preston

Morganne, Lily and Preston

Uncle Andy and Presley

Me and Lily

Preston and Lily


so much

going on. Let's start with the most exciting news. We have our house on the market and a sign in the yard. While Aaron was home last week we cleaned and organized and filled the garage with the clutter from the house. I sure hope a potential buyer doesn't go in the's scary!!!

Next the babies are a half a year old today! The ticker says 5 months 4 weeks and 2 days but that is crap. They are 6 months and getting so big. Everyone always says they can't wait for their baby to do______. I wish they would stay just like this. I love them at this age. They laugh and smile at everything. Momma and Daddy are perfect in their eyes. You should see the way Lily looks at Aaron. It melts my heart. I guess we have the best or uhhh the semi best of both worlds. We have a 13 yr old girl and 2 6 months old babies. Yea Ashley has her hormonal days that she hates us and would rather be doing anything else than be seen with us. She also has a heart of gold and has really been a big help this week. She has come home everyday and helped with the babies while I clean up. As my friend Jenn says "I am my own maid" No one can clean this house like me. Ashley has also kept her bed made and room cleaned, spotless. That is saying alot for Ashley. I love her but man is she lazy.

Something else I have noticed this week. I was recently emailing a friend of mine who is pregnant with twins and have been giving her tips on things she might need in the beginning. I said diapers. That got me thinking I have not bought diapers yet for these babies. I opened my last box of size 2 yesterday. In the beginning I exchanged one size for another but have yet to buy a pack of diapers. I really appreciate everyone who bought diapers to cover these little baby bottoms. So my advice to all the moms or gift giving people.......give diapers.....start while your pregnant and buy them as you go to the grocery store you will be happy you did.

Take care- Staci

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Outside fun
Preston looks like he is skydiving

Lily with a little bit of bluebonnets

Ashley on 70's day at school.
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Texas Bluebonnets
Love thes pj's........thanks Jordan!
love these pj's too.

Yea it's been a while. I know I have missed you too. The babies are good. Daddy came in from Canada last Friday and we left to go to Louisiana as soon as he pulled in the driveway. I even drove so he could rest. We had such a good time in LA. We ate crawfish, drank beer and spent lots of time with the fam. We ended up staying until Tuesday just because we aren't sure when we will see everyone again since we are moving to Canada. Ashley didn't mind skipping 2 days of school. hehe bad mommy!!!!!
This week Aaron is still home and we have been shopping and relaxing. We went tto Kohl's today and bought a few things since they are having the BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR! Aren't they always having the biggest sale of the year. ha! Tomorrow we go to get the babaies passports. Hopefully that won't be too big of a hassle. I have everything all ready so things SHOULD go smooth.
This weekend we are so excited to go to my nephew Jakob's first t-ball game. It will be such a funny sight to see a bunch of 3 year olds playing t-ball. The babies have their 6 month Dr appt next week and I can't wait to see how big they are. Preston feels about 17 to 18 lbs but we will see. Lily is still a light weight but she has found her hands and reaches out for anything that you put in front of her.
Oh a funny thing I did on Tuesday.........washed my cell phone. No not on purpose. I had it in the back pocket of my pants. When I put the clothes in the dryer it was continuously vibrating. I let it dry out but it still doesn't work. I have the trusty Nokia though as a back up for now.
Well that's about all going on around here. I have to get pics off of Aaron's computer so I can post them this weekend for you guys. The babies are getting so big.
Did I ever post the bluebonnet pics? hmmm I will have to double check. If not I will post them eventhough they aren't that good.

bye for now- Staci

Monday, April 14, 2008

Big milestone

Our little Lily is getting a TOOTH!!!!! On the bottom right I can see a little white thing poking up through her gums. They have both found their hand. Preston will hold his hand in front of him and just move it back and forth and look at it. Lily reaches for stuff if it is in front of her. Gosh they are getting so big.
I am recovering well. my mom is still her and helping a ton. We went today to attempt to take bluebonnet pics. Well we got home and all the pics suck so I guess I will try to attempt one more time maybe this week in the evening or morning. I have alot going on this week though. Carpet cleaning, pest control, relocation companies......... oh my!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

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A little gift

After having the babies they left me with a little gift. A hernia! So Friday I had hernia repair surgery. All I can say is owwww. It hurt like hell. They put 3 incisions on my left side so they could insert the mesh that is below my belly button. I am sore and have really been taking it easy. Since Aaron is in Canada my mom has been here since last Thur. I am not allowed to lift anything over 5 lbs for 2 weeks. So no carrying my babies :( My mom has been lifting them onto the changing table, getting them out of bed and putting them in their high chairs for me. She has also been cleaning up and doing laundry. She has been a huge help. I am so grateful to have my family. I will miss them terribly when we move.
The babies are doing so well. I don't have the scale anymore so I have no idea how much they weigh. They go to the dr at the end of April for their 6 month check up so we will know then. I do know that Ashley is getting taller everyday it seems she grows more.
I had this bright idea this morning to take some pics in front of the bluebonnets in my front yard. It is a small patch so we had to position the babies just right. Since I can't lift them my mom had to do all the work. Basically the pictures sucked so I told my mom tomorrow I want to go out off of 290 and take some pics with the big bluebonnet patches. She agreed so we may do that if I am not too sore.
Some really good friends of ours are expecting their first baby. I can't be more excited for them. Congrats Patrick and Amy!! I love you guys.

Take care- Love Staci

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lots of videos

Babies rolling over

Monday, April 7, 2008

My Canada trip

I got home this morning from my Canada trip. It was so gorgeous there. There was still snow on the ground but it didn't rain or snow the whole time I was there. I promised Aaron I would bring some nice weather. We went house hunting and found a beautiful home that overlooks the bay.
I missed the babies so much. They looked so big when I saw them for the first time in 5 days. I can't thank my family enough for helping out with them while I was gone. I didn't worry at all because I knew they were well taken care of. Here are some pics of the house and of the babies from today.
Front of house

Back of house

View from the deck looking out into the bay

Side of house

Awww Lily........big girl

Preston.....little man

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Big girl

Look at that big girl. Not only can she roll from her back to her belly and to her back again but she can also finally hold her head up. Overnight she did this. I was beginning to wonder if she would ever look up. She used to bury her face into the floor when it was tummy time.

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