Thursday, May 29, 2008


We will call her squekers!!!!!

So cute!

Moving day....... all packed up
Precious cargo
We are all in the same place at the same time.....that rarely happens!
They love Jordan's elephant chair
Daddy and babies

Almost ready. Aaron and I have spent the week getting last minute things done before we leave for Canada on Monday. We have put the Camaro in storage, disconnected all the utilities, and today we will turn in Aaron's company truck. Today is also Ashley's last day at school. Some of the pictures were taken this past weekend at Jakob's 4th birthday.

bye for now.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Welp the movers have our whole house on their truck. They came on Tuesday, 6 of them. They completely packed everything in one day. I was so amazed. Seriously they wrapped, labeled and inventoried everything. Wednesday they came and loaded it on the truck. Oh and they packed the attic Wednesday since I forgot to tell them about it on Tuesday, hehe. I went over today after I dropped Ashley off at school and vacuumed and cleaned up.
I was in the middle of posting this last night when Preston woke up around 8:30. Well he never went to sleep but he was quiet so I thought he was sleeping. Anyway I didn't know what was wrong so I went in and smelled...........poop. I changed him and we fell asleep in minutes. They are still sleeping from 7 to 7. We get them up and drive Ashley to school......only 3 more days.
Aaron comes home today, his flight lands at 11:30 am, YIPPY!!!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow the relocation company comes to pack our house. Then Wed. they will load into the truck, a 50 foot trailer that will be pulled by an 18 wheeler. Wow! Our whole house and our car will be in this thing. Pray that it all gets there safely. The house is well on it's way to closing. The option period is up on Wed. but we have signed off on the inspection and so have the buyers. There shouldn't be any thing else come up between now and closing. Our realtor told me tonight that she could have sold the house 3 times while we were in our option period. Too bad you can't accept offers during that time. Oh well. I will just be glad that the house is sold and we will be done with it while in Canada. There are some houses on our street that have been on the market for months.
Not much else going one....... just setting aside things for the movers NOT to pack up.
I will leave you with some pictures.
The babies new ride
She gets into the darndest things
Showing off her Hawaii shirt Nan brought her
Preston not too happy with his picture being taken in his Hawaii shirt
Lily grabbing my nose

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ashley making Preston laugh

It's a little shaky but you can see how hard he is laughing at Ashley.

I finally did it!

After much consideration and going back and forth I finally got Lily's ears pierced. I had to leave the house today by 9 am because the buyers were having their inspection. I tried to come home about 12:30 but they were still here so I went to get Lily's ears pierced. She only cried a few minutes, much like her shots. She looks so cute. You can still see the purple mark on her ears from the marker. It was so funny every time the lady tried to mark a spot she would turn her head and get it on her face. Silly girl!!! Did I mention how cute she looks?

Lily eating her foot for dinner

Open wide big guy

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sleeping through the night

The babies have decided since Friday that they would like to sleep from 7 pm to 7 am. Which is perfectly fine with me. They did it Friday night and I just thought it was because they were tired but then again Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Friday they kind of wimpered and made noise around midnight but went back to sleep. Now they don't even make noise. I thought for sure I would have to let them cry it out at 3 am but nope. Here we are Tuesday night and they ate dinner at 5:30, bottle at 6:30 and bed at 7pm. Before they were wanting to fall asleep around 6 and they woke up between 3 and 4 am. If this is there new schedule then that is just fine. As long as they don't wake up before 7 am we are good. I do find though that when they wake up at 7 am they are really hungry. It will take some getting used to I am sure. Yay babies!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

We have accepted an offer on our home. We were asking $127,500 and they first offered $121,000 but we counter offered with $125,000 and they came back at $124,000. We accepted and put in the contract we wanted to cloe by May 31st. If we could get this home sold and close by the time we leave that would be so awesome. I thought for sure it would be on the market for a while. Here are the pictures that were taken of the house. I must say it looks really nice.
Keep your fingers crossed that everything is smooth sailing with this closing.

Backyard with deck We call it the dining room.
Maser bath
Living room

Lily LOVES to bounce.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A picture of Lily when she fell asleep while playing on the floor.

Preston was supposed to be taking a nap, instead he was playing and laughing. All this after his shots.

the babies new tricks

The babies have a few new tricks. Preston has found his VOICE!!! Oh my how he uses it too. He has started to grunt, moan, yell and whimper. I said he sounds like a little puppy sometimes. When I put him in his high chair if I am not fast enough he starts groaning. I am trying to get it on video because it is hilarious. He gets so frustrated.
Lily has found her feet. She is always looking at them thinking "if I could just get them in my mouth" This week she did. She puts them in her mouth when we are changing her diaper, when she is in her car seat, on the floor and even in her high chair. Her socks tonight were covered in sweet potatoes. She has also started to reach and grab things. ANYTHING. If it's in front of her and she can get it, she will!!! Even Ashley's hair. I was holding Lily today and there was a piece of paper on the cabinet and she grabbed it. I guess I had better be careful about what's in her path now.
Our house is still on the market. It's only been a week so I am good. We have had 3 showings and 1 open house. The relocation company comes on May 20th to pack our stuff. We will be staying at my sister's house before we leave on June 2nd. I hope she doesn't get tired of us. : )
There isn't much else going on. I am looking forward to this weekend. Our friends are having their annual crawfish boil on Saturday. I have never been but they have it every year and this is the first year we are able to go. It's probably the last time we will eat crawfish for quite a while. YUM!!!

take care for now and if I get Preston on video I will post it. Stay tuned!

Almost in her mouth (the flash is a little bright)

She will literally fall aslseep right there while she is playing. Sweet girl!!!

Preston loves the jumperoo. Look at those chunky thighs!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


6 month picture

WOW we are so big!!! Lily is 13 lbs 8 oz, 25 in long and Preston is 16 lbs 9 oz and 25 1/2 in long. The dr commended me on my excellent bedtime routine. He suggested when the babies wake at 3 am to not go in for at least 5 mins to see if they go back to sleep. He said do this for at least 3 nights and they might just sleep until 7 am. We will have to see. If it doesn't work that's ok, they sleep from 7 pm to 3 am. Then until 7 am so if that conitues I would be fine with it. Both babies got a round of shots and were laughing within seconds. The nurse was suprised that neither of them really screamed that much. Today we have to go gets Ashley's passport. I hope the line isn't too long.

bye for now.