Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Foot Tattoo

I know it's a little cheesy to write about a tattoo but it's my blog so I will. I have wanted a tattoo on my foot for a long long time. I always said I would wait until we were done having kids first. What I wanted was 5 stargazer lilies to signify my children, Ashley, Preston, Mason (passed in utero at 25 weeks) Lily and Carly. I had high expectations though. I didn't want just a random tattoo artist. I wanted the best, Dan Smith from the show LA Ink. Over labor day weekend 2012 Aaron surprised me with a trip to LA to get a tattoo by Dan. I was shocked! I showed Dan my idea and he made it happen. He drew it free hand and made it everything I could have dreamed of. My next tattoo will be a tribute to my dad and daughter. Both lost too soon. I want to get the same sparrow on the back of my neck that Ashley had on her lower abdomen. She was such a free spirit and really soared above like a bird. Under it I want to put "Fly Free" in my dad's handwriting just as he and Ashley did their whole lives. 

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