Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter weekend

We had a fabulous Easter weekend. Aaron was off on Friday so we woke up early and went to eat breakfast. We then went to Wal- Mart. Aaron's family came in later that evening and we went out to dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant. Saturday we had the joy of watching the easter bunny pass in his yellow Mustang convertable. We decided to go to the Saint Arnold brewery in the afternoon. It's a cool place to go and see how the beer brewing process works and to get a sample of course. Ashley, Ali and Pierre wanted to go to the rodeo carnival since it was the last day. The rest of us headed to the park. The kids had so much fun! Well Presley did anyway and we got some great pictures. Sunday we went to our amazing church service. It was so awesome I felt like I was at a broadway show the lighting and music was so intense. Dustin and Tasha and the kids came over after church so all the kids could have an Easter egg hunt. The Easter bunny came to Aunt Staci's house too! Later we ate bbq and Aaron's family headed back to Louisiana. I enjoyed the visit and will miss them alot when we move. Here are lots of pictures for you.

Presley at the park

Pop and Preston

Awww Ashley was at the carnival and didn't get in the pic

Nana and Presley

Seriously she was walking and fell in this hole

Nana, Pop, Lily, Preston and Presley

Presley tasting the egg

Jakob found lots of eggs

Kate eating her treat the bunny left, gold fish!!!

Oh I got one!


Preston with his bunny slippers on

Lily missing out on the egg hunting fun

Can you say YUM!

Too cool for Easter!

Preston and uncle Dustin

The kids enjoy their picnic

I just had to post this, that guy

Awww Pepaw (my dad) and Preston

Kate riding the duck

Just checking in

To let everyone know I am still here. We have been busy trying to get our house put on the market. I don't want to put it on the market if there are still things that need to be done. I am having a garage sale this Friday and Saturday. Oh joy! Hopefully I will be able to get rid of most of the pile in the garage though. I have a tendency to put everything out there as I clean out the house. I am going to Canada next week to look at houses to lease. I am so excited and hope the weather will be great. When Aaron was there is was very snowy and cold. Maybe the great weather from Texas will follow me there. We have a date for us to be in Canada. June 1st is our goal date for me and the kids to be there. I would like the house to be sold by then but if it's not that's ok. I just don't want to worry about it while we are up there. I am getting back into my routine since spring break messed me all up. I went to Jazzercise today then Hobby Lobby then to the office to visit and meet the new guy, since Faron is leaving. We also met Aaron for lunch to show off the babies to his co workers. Tomorrow I am going to Jazz and then going to take it easy and get ready for my garage sale. I am going to make some signs with the Cricut. hehe any excuse to use that thing is a good one. I love it. I am really a scrapbooking monster. We have been taking lots of pictures I can't wait to scrap them ALL!!!!!!
Oh the babies are doing good. Eating lots of stuff theses days: carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, applesauce, bananas, green beans. Lily can get rolled over onto her belly but her arm is still under her so is that rolling over? Preston can get to his side but that's it. They are both such happy babies. We are so blessed. Speaking of blessed. I am so proud to announce that my LITTLE brother is on the worship team at church and will be making his drumming debut this weekend. I am so proud! Don't be nervous Dustin we are all excited for you.
I will post pics in another post about our weekend.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here are some pictures Tasha took at the zoo.

Don't forget you can click the pics to make them bigger.

the green stuff

We have started the greens........ oh the diaper changes will be so much fun!!!

With spring comes fun! We get so busy during the spring and summer. This weekend was no exception. Saturday we went to Sue's 60th birthday party. For those that don't know Sue is my dad's cousin that lives in IL. She came down to celebrate with her TX family! The babies were so tired by the time we got home they went to bed at 7 and didn't wake up until 4. Sunday we went to church, Del Pueblo with Aunt Tasha and Uncle Dustin and the kiddos. We had a baby shower to go to but Ashley didn't want to go so she went to Dustin and Tasha's. Me and the babies went to the baby shower. We then headed to D & T's. Tasha bought the kids a new kite that Dustin was dying to fly. We took it to a field and proceeded to make fools out of ourselves. Picture a couple of grown people running and jumping around in this field trying to get the kite in the air. Oh and 2 kiddos running after the adults (Jakob and Kate) It was really funny! Oh and not to mention Tasha and Ashley's freshly dyed pink hair (temporary hair dye). That must have been a sight! Yours truly got it up and kept it up for a while. Yay ME! Babies went to bed at 8 and woke up at 5:30 am. I need to keep busy so this continues.Then Monday we went to the zoo. It was me, twins, Ashley, my niece~ Jordan, Tasha and her 2 kiddos. We had 3 strollers, thank god for Ashley otherwise we would have had 2 walkers (not fun!) We decided to ride the Metro rail from the park and ride down by Reliant. It was a blast. We went into the zoo at the back entrance which I think helped alot with the crowd. Although it wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be. We had a very nice day. Thanks to the HOV lane we got to the zoo and home in no time. Great planning Tash.... high five!!

We head to the zoo on the Metro Rail
Nice hair girls
Ashley posing
Our picnic at the zoo
Tasha and her kiddos
Jakob and Jordan on the fence. I said "look at the lion" so they would turn around
My batteries died shortly after that.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wanna ride a duck?

Yup that's right we have a rocking duck. One of our Costplus World Market stores is going out of business and everything was 75% off. I couldn't pass up the riding duck for only $10.
I have uploaded some videos. You can see them by clicking the video link to the left.

St John's pictures

Aaron sent me these pictures from St John's. It is so pretty there!

Random stuff and pics

Last night we scrapbooked at my house. Jenn normally has the crops at her house but since I have the babies and my new best friend the Cricut Expression, we decided to do it here. I shipped Ash off to Michelle's for some quality aunt/niece time. We only stayed up until 2 am. I think we have all realized that staying up late really sucks the next day. When Aaron is home he will take care of the babies while I sleep but I don't have that luxury now since he is gone. It's so funny when your used to going to bed at 10 or so and we try to stay up until 2 we start getting a little goofy.
Lily's eye procedure went well yesterday. They stuck this long metal thing in her tear duct and flushed it with saline solution. I had to hold her still while he was doing the procedure, that was not so fun. However there was a new corvette outside the window that I focused on. Hey a girl can dream even if it's for a moment. She did great and we have to follow up in 5 weeks. Her eye looks good though. She has some drops that we have to put in 3 times a day.
Both babies are really close to rolling from their back to their stomach. Lily can get onto her side but her arm really gets in the way of her rolling over plan.

I put Lily vertical on the play mat and she wiggled her way to the carpet

I had to get a pic of these pj's they look so cute on him

He loves sitting up and looking around

carrot face

carrot face

Lily's new skirt (she spit up right before the pic)

Preston's stylin in his new shoes and pants

I just had to get a pic of her bow

She will thank me for this one day

Finally Preston found his hand

Lily found hers weeks ago

Excuse me Lily I would like to roll over now