Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tiger football

Every year Aaron anxiously awaits the start of the LSU football season. Since we live in Canada we decided to get the college game day so we won't miss a game. Except today........ since Gustov is lingering in the gulf the game was changed to an earlier time, we weren't able to watch it since there was another game being broadcast. We were mad at first but we still got to watch college football and enjoy our gumbo. Football also brings the start of gumbo. Oh how I love this food.
Aaron's parents left today and got to New Orleans in time to sit in traffic on the way home to Lafayette. Now the preparations for the storm start. I pray that his family (they all live in SW Louisiana) are safe from this monster storm.

Lily playing before bed.

Nana had a bright idea while she was here...... bathe the babies in the sink. Our tub is so deep that it's hard to bathe the babies in there without hurting your back. The sink is so much better. Here are some pics from their bath tonight.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 5 and 6 and 7

Wednesday we went to the museum. Most of it is stuff about Newfoundland but it's good to see a little history about where you live. They had a giant squid and polar bear that were pretty awesome.

Day 6 we went downtown to meet Aaron for lunch since he was down there at a meeting for work. He took off all week but couldn't get out of this meeting. He called around lunch time and said it was going to be a while. We just picked something up and took Ash to her hair appt. Her hair looks so good. She is all ready for school. We registered her Wednesday. Later Aaron got home and we went to eat sushi. Nana and Pop have never had sushi. Nana loved it but Pop didn't. We went to get ice cream afterward since he at least tried it.

Day 7 we are hanging around the house since we are going to eat dinner tonight. Aaron and his dad went to Costco and got some Alaskan king crab legs. He said they looked so awesome he wanted to try them. Aaron's mom said that's the only request she had is that she eats king crab while she is here. He brought them home and we steamed them up. I have never had king crab either boy oh boy is it good. They are huge too.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

As promised

Ashley's rock climbing pictures
Practicing indoors
Getting a quick example before trying it alone

All alone

Full speed ahead

Lily is officially a crawler.

Preston is also learning to wave bye bye. Aaron was doing it yesterday and he kept copying him. I will post a video as soon as he does it again.

Day 4:

Yesterday the girls and babies stayed home and the boys went to a local brewery and beer store. We needed to get the babies back on track their schedule has been a little wacky. We got to eat some of Nana's rice and gravy. Man I miss Louisiana food!

Today we are heading to the museum. We are keeping an eye on the hurricane since Nana and Pop fly into New Orleans and that is where it looks like it is headed.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 2 and 3

Wow I just realized I didn't blog about day 2. We didn't go on any outdoor adventures yesterday. Instead we stayed home and bbqed some ribs, chicken, sausage and corn. It was so good. When Aaron's parents would come visit Houston we would always go drink margaritas at our favorite mexican restaurant. In honor of their visit to Canada we kept up the tradition and drank them yesterday, Texas style! (tequila, lime, margarita mix and salt) We also went for a walk, relaxed and spent some quality time with Nana and Pop.
Today was a different story we rode the ferry to Bell island to tour the abandoned iron mine and lighthouse. First we went to the lighthouse, omg the view was amazing. You can only go past the gated area at your own risk. Of course WE did. I had to lay down because it is so far down I was getting dizzy standing up and looking down. It was a little scary because obviously you don't know how close you can go without falling. I wish I could rent a boat and go to the little beach that we saw. We left the lighthouse and went to the iron mine. The next tour was very close to leaving when we arrived so we had to hurry. Since none of us have never been to a mine we had no idea what to expect. First the lady said it was 45 degrees in the mine so we needed jackets. We put a jacket over the babies, fine. Then she asked that we all put on hard hats, fine. Then she said ok the babies will need to wear bike helmets, huh!?!?! I kind of looked at her wondering if this is something I should have brought? Oh no we have some. Let me tell you she handed them to me and I started laughing which started a chain reaction to Ashley and Renee. I couldn't imagine that the babies would keep these on their heads. Well here is the picture. You can see why we were cracking up. Preston didn't mind (he had binki) he fell asleep when we got inside the mine. Lily made the saddest face and was not happy. She kept moving and fussing. I finally took her out of the stroller thinking it would help but she was not liking the mine. I took the hard hat off and we decided to head back to the top. The tour lady said "the tours not over" I replied "for us it is" we took off so fast they probably saw smoke under our heels. The tour was not bad it was just the circumstance.
We drove around the island then headed home so Aaron could cook seafood chowder. It was very tasty.
I will leave you with some pictures of our days.
Click the pictures to make them bigger.

click to see the saddest face.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 1

Nana and Pop got in late last night but we still sat around and visited until 1 am or so. It was so great to finally see them. We started off bright and early 6:30 am. Nana went in and got the babies when they woke up and she brought them to her room so her and pop could see them. When I got up we fed them and started our day. We went and ate breakfast then dropped Ashley off to catch her ride for her rock climbing adventure. The owner of the rock climbing place she goes to hosts a trip to Flatrock for a day of outdoor climbing. The rest of us headed to downtown, Signal Hill and Cape Spear. We had a jam packed first day for sure. We headed home in the afternoon for a little nap. Then went to pick up Ashley and out to eat fish and chips. It was a great first day but like Aaron said we should have done this the last day because it's going to be hard to top. You have to do while the weather is right though.

Nana and Pop in front of the most easterly point in North America.

Nana and Preston

Me and Lily (since I am never in pictures)

Nana with Lily and Preston
I have pictures of Ashley's trip too but I need to upload from my camera. I will post again later.

Friday, August 22, 2008


In the post below it was all about the rain but now is the fun part......... the shine!!! When it is nice and sunny it doesn't get any better.
Here are a few things we do while the sun shines. I am a big fan of getting out and enjoying the fresh air. Every day we go outside rain or shine. If it's rain well then we stay in the garage. I try to give them activities to release all that little baby energy.

*Don't worry this is in our backyard*


When it rains here it's not just rain, it's wind, fog, and pouring down cold rain. So what's a girl to do with 3 kids? Well blow bubbles inside of course. We have those foam mats in the playroom so I stay on there and let the bubbles flow.

Lily likes to play in the hamper while I fold clothes.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Our weekend

We had a really beautiful day on Saturday. Aaron, the babies and I were ready to get out around 8 am. Ashley decided after being woke up 3 times that she would rather sleep. So we left her home while we went to run some errands. Around noon she called and asked that we come pick her up. We picked her up and headed downtown. I have been wanting a picture of the colorful row houses of St John's but they are pretty pricey. Aaron took some and fixed them up for me and sent them to Costco. I picked them up today framed them and they are sitting pretty on my wall. I like these better because Aaron took them and they were cheaper.
After we went downtown we went to a park that is about 50 acres. There is a lake, a few playgrounds and a swimming pool. You have no idea how nice it is when the weather is pretty outside, we take full advantage of it. I am so glad we did because Sunday sucked, wind, rain and fog all day. Needless to say we sat inside and watched the Olympics. It's a good thing the Olympics are only 2 weeks because I have had enough. I have another post I am working on that you can look for in the future. It will be our rainy day entertainment, a snap shot of what we do inside on crappy days (besides clean with my ocd self).

As you can see from the post below Lily is pulling up on everything. I don't know what to do with her. She is not really interested in the jumper or exersaucer. Keeping her confined to the play room or area that I am in is ok but if I step out I am scared she will fall and hurt herself. I guess I can just put her in the pack and play if I have to put up laundry or only do housework while they nap. Preston is opposite. I can put him on the floor with a toy and he is still playing with the same toy in the same spot when I return.

Another question: When is the best time to get rid on the infant seats? These kids are getting pretty hefty. We already have their convertible seats I am just not sure when to make the switch. I find that we still use the infant seats. Like today they were asleep so we just took the seats out and put them in the grocery cart. They stayed asleep for 45 mins while in the grocery store. We use our stroller alot but also still use the infant seats.
When have you made the switch?