Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby names

Forgot to share our names:

Carson John

Carly Jean

John was my dad's middle name and Carly Simon his favorite singer. Jean was Aaron's grandmother's name or at least that's what we called her Mama Jean.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

32 weeks and nesting

Wow it has flown by so fast. With Ashley I have few belly pics. With the twins I was obsessed with taking a pic every week in front of our fireplace to see my expanding belly. Now I have I think 2 belly pics. I guess it's just different when your pregnant with #4. It's like been there done that ready for baby to be here. At least that's how I feel. We got the bassinet all set up this weekend. Yay baby has a place to sleep. I have a 3 drawer unit in my closet stocked full of new baby essentials: diapers, wipes, neutral color outfits. I did buy a boy footed pajamas and a girl footed pajamas. I'll bring both to the hospital and which ever one I don't use i'll donate to Cypress Calling. Next pack my bag. This should take all of 5 minutes.
Everyone at our house is doing good. Preston and Lily have started t ball. Preston played in the fall so he knows a little about the game. Lily is just happy to be out there with her pink bat and glove! Ashley has her permit and will be fully licensed in July. Wooot! I'm sure we will get her a little beater car so she can get a summer job. Her not working during the school year has worked out great because she has been on honor roll 2 times since school started. It's too hard to work and concentrate on school. She does babysit. She has 3 families that use her regularly. With rodeo she has 3 babysitting jobs this week. Helloooooo being gone for 6 hours and getting paid $10 an hour!!!
When the term nesting comes up wouldn't you think of cleaning out a cabinet or rearranging the fridge? Yea I did that the 2 previous pregnancies! This pregnancy we are doing some major renovations. A few weeks ago while Aaron was in Germany I had our painter come out and paint the 6 unpainted rooms in our house. Tomorrow I am having drapes installed. Aaron and I have gone back and forth for 2 years about the decor (or lack of) Neither of use has a decorating bone in our body. I mean even as far as hanging pictures where. It really is sad. Our houses sit looking unlived for years. Our last house we remodeled the bathroom and replaced floors only to move to Canada a short time later. So we had an interior designer come out and give us some advise. Her first piece of advise and probably the only thing we need to do is add drapes. I know it's so simple so why didn't we have her come out when we first moved in? Intimidation I guess. We were scared of the cost, the advise, the unknown. I wish we WOULD have had her come out the week we moved in but you live and learn. So we have drapes coming, matching pillows and seat covers. We are also finally approved by our homeowners association to add our patio and outdoor kitchen onto our house. Once again something we wanted to do but never did in our old house. We have been in this house 2 years and are glad we are finally doing it. The process has taken a long time to get started. We got the estimate back in August. Decided to go all in in January, submitted the paperwork to the HOA on January 23rd. SO seriously it seems like we have been working on it forever and for them to break ground this week or early next is going to be so awesome. I can't wait to sit on my patio with a fire and drink a glass of wine. So some major nesting going on and we are having a baby in the middle of all this chaos. It will be so worth it when it's all done.