Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's been a while

Wow it's been a while. Of course I've been busy. I started volunteering again for Cypress Calling and reopened my embroidery business, Lily Lou Designs. I am only taking a few orders so I don't get overwhelmed. The kids are good. Aaron travels alot. He left for West Africa when Carly was 2 weeks old. He was there for 19 days (I think) It seemed like forever. he was back home a week before he left for Scotland then Newfoundland. The twins have been in VBS for 3 weeks since school let out. Carly is the cutest baby ever. She is cooing and laughing more. So stinking cute. Ashley has a job and has been working alot of hours. Pair that with getting her license and she is busy busy. She still wants to go to college and study nutrition. I am trying to talk her into staying local and going to Lone Star comm. college (you know the cheaper option) but she wants to go around Austin to Blinn or SW. All I see is dollar signs when she says that. Who knows what that girl will do though. She is a free spirit who changes her mind daily. I'll leave you with a few pics. Oh and if you'd like to see my 15 mins of fame check this out. Oil Wives of Cy Fair 

Ashley Lily Carly. She really does look like both my girls!

My dad's side of the family at my brother's wedding.