Saturday, January 5, 2013


I usually don't set aside a list of rules for myself to abide by. Especially since by 1-3-12 half of them are usually broken. I try not to set expectations that will disappoint me. I'd rather just have a word or a phrase to live by each and every day. Last year my word was SIMPLIFY. I strived to really make my life simple. This year it's still the same, SIMPLIFY. I succeeded in simplifying last year but I think it's something that always needs to be revisited. I love this sign that hangs in my kitchen because it's a constant reminder that simple is always better.

Christmas 2012

And she's off

The Friday after Christmas we left for Louisiana to visit Aaron's family. We decided we would only stay until Tuesday wince Ashley had to be moved to Austin by the 3rd. We had a great time shopping, eating out, visiting with friends and relaxing with family. Even more exciting was the on Monday morning I sent Aaron a link to a car that I had been looking 3 months for. You see when we need something rather it be a car, a tv or a new pair of shoes we research (sometimes to a fault) We want to make sure we get the best bang for our hard earned buck. So imagine my disappointment when we called the owner of the car to find out it was sold. Oh well wasn't meant to be................. or was it? Aaron got online and decided just to search the Lafayette area since we had usually only searched the Houston area. We found a car a great car for an awesome price, from a dealer. Meaning the warranty and the ability to deal was greater. We left the kids at Nana's and went to test drive the black Traverse. I loved it! Black wasn't my first choice but I didn't see the white diamond tricoat color I REALLY wanted. So we test drive and come back. Upon or arrival back to the dealer there it was like a beacon in the night, a white diamond tricoat 2012 Chevrolet Traverse LT. Where do I sign? I fell in love. It is by far the nicest car I have ever had and will be driven until the wheels fall off just like every other car I have had. It is an all leather, dvd, back up camera, heated seats, power lift gate, captains chair, bose stereo dream I tell ya!
Ok so I obviously regress. We got back from LA on Tuesday unpacked the car. Ashley and Aaron repacked my car and her car for the move to Austin the next morning. Bright and early Wednesday morning we headed out to Austin. My mom came over to watch Preston and Lily. Such a blessing because I could not imagine having the whole fam damily with us. So we arrive into Austin get unloaded, unpacked and head to Sam's and Target to stock the apt full of necessities. Leaving Ashley in Austin is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. I worry for her safety, I pray for her guidance and am proud of her determination. She has turned out to be an absolutely wonderful lady. She starts culinary school and her new job on Monday. Say a little prayer for her on this day.