Monday, August 22, 2011

Exciting News!

Aaron and I decided in March that we would do the frozen embryo transfer pretty soon. I mean what were we waiting for the baby has been frozen for 4 years. (see our prior blog for IVF details) I started on BC pills in April and we were to do the transfer in May. That's when we got the news about my dad so we decided to postpone until fall, until after the kids went back to school, until daddy got better and until there wasn't so much stress. Well daddy didn't get better but he knew were going through with this and he told me it would work and that we would have a boy. I started back on BC pills in July and did the frozen embryo transfer on August 2nd. One little 5 day blast (google it for those have no clue about the infertility terminology)
The next part......... wait
wait wait........ wait 2 weeks before a pregnancy test at the Dr. Luckily I know someone on the inside ;) and she got me in 9 days past. I tested positive on day 9 and on day 13. I am officially pregnant. My due date is April 21,2012, 7 days after my brother's wedding :\ Hopefully i'll either have given birth by then or I will be HUGE!
August 31st- Ultrasound to hear heartbeat. Heartbeat has been heard, ready to share the news.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer is OVER!

I am happy and sad that summer is over. Happy because we might finally get some cooler weather in the next month. Happy because we will finally get back to a schedule and a routine. Maybe my house will remain clean for longer than 2.5 minutes.
Sad because tomorrow my daughter, my baby, my girl starts her junior year. Where did the time go. She is already talking about homecoming which will be in a few weeks. Next thing I know it will be her senior year. Time sure does fly by.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Q & A Wednesday

Follow up- These will be on Friday normally.
Jenn asked: What's one thing from your past you wish you would have never done/said? Describe the perfect date night with Aaron...your choices not his!

Answer- I try not to have regrets but I do wish I would have said/did alot of things with my dad and grandpa while they were alive. Now they are gone I often think of things I want to tell my dad but can't. I can't recall anything I wish I never said or did though.
Every date night we have is perfect because we are alone. I do love going to watch live music. I would love to go to Gruene, eat at the Gristmill and end the night dancing at Gruene Hall.

Ask your questions, i'll be back FRIDAY to aswer them. 2 questions per person please.