Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Recent road trip

Labor Day weekend we decided to go on a little road trip around some Texas towns. We headed northwest to Austin to eat at Salt Lick bbq. It was gmod but not the best, Rudy's is the best in my opinion. We then saw on the map that Luckenbach was around these parts. We thought Luckenbach was a town in Texas. It is NOT. It is a dance hall. We drove through the parking lot but didn't get out. We then headed to our destination, Fredericksburg, to go to the Pacific War Museum. It was fun but involved lots of reading, and well the twins don't read. So we ended up breezing through and waiting at the end for Ashley and Aaron. We did go to the reenactment which involved guns and fire which we all enjoyed. We drove to San Antonio and spent the night so we could wake up bright and early to go to Sea World. We had so much fun at Sea World. W got to enjoy the water park this time. Last time we went Ashley was 10 and we took her in November. We only stayed until about 2 since we knew we would be worn out. We took naps and then ate dinner at La Margaritas. Monday we went home to lots of rain. Here are a few pictures of our trip.

Preston who refuses to get a hair cut. I trim the front and sides while he is sleeping, hehe

Cute little sea lion

Me, Ashley and Lily feeding the dolphins


Robyn said...

Great pictures, Staci! Looks like fun!

Jenn said...

We need to talk about your quest to find Lukenbach...it is a small town, I promise, I've been there! And it's great! Aaron shoud take his guitar though when you go. It's close to Fredericksburg. There is a bar, a hotel and some restrooms and a nice river to just chill out and listen to musicians. Gruene is a town too and it has a famous dance hall...was that what you found? Love, love that part of the country!