Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Q & A Wednesday

Follow up- These will be on Friday normally.
Jenn asked: What's one thing from your past you wish you would have never done/said? Describe the perfect date night with Aaron...your choices not his!

Answer- I try not to have regrets but I do wish I would have said/did alot of things with my dad and grandpa while they were alive. Now they are gone I often think of things I want to tell my dad but can't. I can't recall anything I wish I never said or did though.
Every date night we have is perfect because we are alone. I do love going to watch live music. I would love to go to Gruene, eat at the Gristmill and end the night dancing at Gruene Hall.

Ask your questions, i'll be back FRIDAY to aswer them. 2 questions per person please.

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