Friday, January 27, 2012

Expert mom?

I surely think not. I often get asked questions about parenting a teen. I guess because my circle of friends all have school agers or preschoolers. The thought of having a teen absolutely scares the crap out of them. I am no expert but I have made my fair share of mistakes and definetly learned alot in the process. I received a piece of advice from my {wise} aunt Diana when Ashley was probably 15. It was right at the beginning of the troubles we HAD. (HAD, thank God) Aunt Diana said "pick your battles" At first I was like what the hell everything is a battle. That was her point. Everything shouldn't be a battle. What shoes to wear was not as big of a deal as homework. What color to dye your hair is not that big of a deal as coming home at curfew. I have used this piece of advice alot especially lately with the twins. If Preston says he's done at dinner that's fine but he is warned that there will be no more food until breakfast. He will not starve so cramming food down his throat is only going to lead to a huge battle and eventually end up with him either losing story time or gong straight to bed. Lily has started to want to pick out her own clothes and put on her own shoes, WITHOUT socks! This drives me crazy but really in the grand scheme of things who cares if she doesn't have on socks and her shoes are on the wrong feet. At least she put them on herself and is pretty proud that she accomplished that.
I am less controlling with the twins than I was with Ashley but there are still rules and consequences.

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