Monday, September 30, 2013

And then there was Zoey!

Because my life is not crazy enough with a dramatic 18 yr old, rambunctious 5 yr old twins and a sassy little 17 month old and a home base embroidery business......... we got a PUPPY! We have actually been looking for a Westie since April but have had no luck. The opportunity came about Labor Day weekend that a maltese was available and a female so we got her. We named her Teche (tesh) at first but that seemed more like a big dog name and well Zoey is bite size. We went through a list of favorite dog names and Zoey stuck. She is 2.5 lbs and just a little ball of fun. There have been hurdles, loss of sleep, poop on the floor, whining at night, but we love her and she is learning.Our beloved cat of 13 years Kiki passed away on 8-21 so we didn't think twice about adding Zoey to our family.

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