Saturday, May 23, 2015

To Teach is to Touch a Life Forever

I would have never known how much this quote is true until yesterday. We glanced at each other in the cafeteria as I was preparing to eat a surprise lunch with Preston and Lily. She walked over and hugged me like no time had passed at all. She teared up and I cried. She said she has been a mess since hearing about the passing of Ashley. She looked at Lily and said Lily reminds me so much of Ashley. She said that just this week Lily came in from recess and was standing in her class room with another student. She should not have been in the class, it's not even her grade. I know these are all signs from above. I know Ashley is watching over us and her siblings.

Rewind to last Saturday. A picture of the new second grade team at my twins school came across my news feed on Facebook. I immediately recognized one of the ladies in the picture as Ashley's kindergarten teacher, Ms. Chalmers, back in 2000. I couldn't believe it, my jaw dropped, my eyes filled with tears. How in the world did our paths cross 14 years later at the same school my twins were at? I texted my friend which just so happens to be Lily's beloved kindergarten teacher from last year. I asked her if the lady in the picture taught at Adam elementary in 2000? She said yes and she remembers Ashley. Ms. Chalmers sent me a message on FB. We chatted about the past, about Ashley and about our lives now. She taught at the twins school last year as well. I can not believe that the amount of time I spent up at the school last year (kinder) and this year we have not seen each other. It's amazing to see the love that kids have for their teachers. Ashley talked about Ms. Chalmers all the time, she was clearly her favorite. Lily has the same love for her kinder teacher too. She still goes by her class daily just to say hi. Lily's love for her teacher reminds me so much of Ashley's love for Ms. Chalmers. I can't wait to see what the future holds. Lily's kindergarten teacher and Ashley's kindergarten teacher will be teaching second grade next year. I'll be honest and tell you I have prayed that Preston or Lily get one of them! How cool would that be that one of my kid's is assigned to the same teacher that taught Ashley 14 years ago?!?!?

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