Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy 19 months!

Today the babies are 19 months old. Can you believe it? They are learning so much and really starting to talk....... alot. Lily is really into animal sounds, she does the cutest meow and quack quack. Preston is also trying to repeat everything. I posted a video yesterday of him saying waffles, so cute. He also says trash and they both want to throw everything away. They are both eager to help Lily loves to wipe her mouth and the floor with a towel.  This morning Preston took his cup and turned it over and banged it on the table until milk started spilling out. I gave him a damp paper towel and asked him to clean up and he did. He wiped it all up, I then put him down so he could throw it in the trash. Such a big boy! 
They are pretty quick on their feet learning to run and jump. They can't quit get off the ground but if you say jump they bounce up and down. They are eating just about everything. Lily has 11 teeth and is missing one molar in the back.  Preston has 10 teeth but is missing the 2 eye teeth on the bottom.  Now that they have their molars they can chomp on anything. 
I hear the babies waking up so we are headed outside to take some video. Maybe I can get Lily to meow. That's if the construction next door doesn't scare them. It's really loud over here. I can't let that stop me though it's 72 degrees and we must get outside and enjoy it while it lasts. 
We are counting down the days until Nana and Mama Jean come visit. I have been showing the babies pictures of them so they recognize them when they get here.  

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