Friday, June 12, 2009


It is really hard living somewhere where your closest family is thousands of miles away, 5,373 to be exact. We have been lucky enough to have continuous visitors since we moved here last year. This week Aaron's mom, grandmother and his mom's best friend arrived. We have already had so much fun and they haven't even been here 2 days. They got in Wed night, Thursday we went to Signal Hill, then ate lunch. We got home as Ashley was getting off the school bus. Last night we made steaks, bacon wrapped scallops and drank margaritas. Today the weather is rainy, windy and cold so we are going to head out to The Rooms museum. Hopefully tomorrow it will clear up so we can do something outside. I don't think they care what they do, they only came to visit the kids anyway, hehe


Freckles Fotography said...

The kids and Aaron.. ;)
I am so glad you have visitors.. I know its hard not being near family. I wish we could come see you.. I am counting down the days till you guys come visit.. 42 Days and counting! I am doing a mark off calendar like I did with Jakobs birthday, each day I count how many days till you guys are here!

Annie said...

Glad that you have some company. Enjoy every day.

Have a great week.