Saturday, August 1, 2009

Headed to Louisiana

Aaron got a call last week that his Mama Jean (grandmother) has a brain aneurysm and is having surgery on 8-13. I really wanted to go see her before her surgery. Aaron flies back to Houston on 8-14 and we are going to LA for a week but I want to go and see her before her surgery. So we are headed out from Houston to Louisiana tomorrow to spend a few days with Aaron's parents an grandparents. Please pray that Mama Jean has a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.
We are having so much fun in Texas. Friday we took the kids to the Children's Museum with Aunt Tasha, cousin Jakob and Kate. Today we went to cousin Evyn's first birthday. It was a pool party which was a nice break from the TX heat. The babies really love to swim. I have pictures but of course they are on my camera. You are going to be in for a picture overload once I decide to upload all my pictures.
Take care, have a good weekend.

Yesterday was my parents 33rd wedding anniversary as well as the babies turning 21 months. So Happy anniversary and Happy 21 month birthday babies! You are getting so big and changing so much. Lily has been very clingy I guess it's to be expected with so much going on. Preston is just his regular laid back self always laughing and smiling.


Joe said...

Oh no Staci, that's awful news! Sending good thoughts your way!

Kim H. said...

Please let Mama Jean know that I'll be praying for her - and for all of you... we went through brain surgery with John's grandmother the week after hurricane Ike... so we know that it's tough, but you're in our thoughts and prayers!