Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still here in TX

Did you think I forgot all about you? I haven't! We have had a blast visiting friends and family. I have loads of pictures but haven't stopped long enough to upload them. Friday night we had our Cypress Calling Mini Retreat. It was so much fun to hang out with my girlfriends and plan for the future of Cypress Calling. Saturday morning we headed to my grandparents farm in Centerville TX. They have 110 acres of land, a few ponds, some cows and lots of fresh air. The kids had a blast. Ashley rode the 4 wheeler and the babies explored. My parents and 2 aunts came up so we got to spend some quality time with them and didn't feel rushed. Today me and my sister in law took the kids to the Woodlands Market Street. They have shops, restaurants and a water feature that shoots water out of the ground. My mom met us out there for water fun and lunch.
I am so excited to go tomorrow with my friend Jenn, my sister in law and Ashley to get pedicures. My toes are so long over due for some pampering.
We have lots more planned I promise I will post pics soon. We are missing Aaron it's been almost 3 weeks since we have seen him. He will be here on Friday......yay!
Take care and have a good week.

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Robyn said...

A pedi? I'm envious! Enjoy your special time being pampered. Sounds like you guys are having fun. Can't wait to see picts.