Monday, November 9, 2009

Split Personalities

So far 2 has been great but daily I can see a change. Knock on wood....... they are still eating and sleeping great.
Preston and Lily are starting to have split personalities one personality is still in the baby stage while the other is full on toddler mode. Their independence is really coming out. Every. single. day. during nap time before they go to sleep I have to go up and get them redressed. I have learned Lily's "help me my shirt is wrapped around my waist and leg cry" Preston has not mastered the shirt but he has the pants down. It's hilarious! I go up to find all their stuff from their crib on the floor, blanket x 2 plus 1 more for Lily, 2 pillows, 2 taggie blankets, 1 teddy bear, 1 binky, and 2 pairs of pants. Redress them both cover and tuck them both in, AGAIN and then they go to sleep.
I totally forgot to post their weights from their 2 year check up:
Preston 23 lbs 8 oz
32 1/2 in

Lily 23 lbs
31 1/2 in

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nana said...

seeing the humor in these child rearing moments is what memories are made of.