Thursday, November 26, 2009

Florida {picture overload}

Some of you may know we are on vacation in Florida, which is the reason for my absence. It was pretty stressful the week before not knowing if Aaron was going to be able to go with us. He has a huge project at work that started the day before we were leaving. He decided to stay behind in Newfoundland and meet us in Disney on Wednesday. It gave him enough time to get the project started and to a point he felt comfortable leaving. So Ashley, Preston, Lily and I arrived on Saturday. We stayed at Floridays Resort outside of Disney since we didn't actually go to Disney until my sister and her family got in on Tuesday. As soon as we stepped foot off the plane we were driving all over Orlando. We rented a car and drove to Wal Mart, hotel to check in, then to Olive Garden for dinner. The kids did well on the flight especially Lily since she didn't sleep at all on any flights. She did fall fast asleep as soon as we got in the car though. I guess she was afraid she might miss something. We went shopping at the outlet malls on Sunday and got some Christmas stuff. I say malls because Orlando has 2 huge outlet malls. Monday morning we woke up bright and early because we had a date with a big black and white whale named Shamu. We had such a good time at Sea World. Ashley rode a BIG roller coaster called Manta. The riders lay on their stomachs and it's supposed to simulate gliding through the water like a manta ray. Ashley had fun and mentioned she thought she was going to throw up because she was so nervous waiting in line. I stayed behind with the babies and watched the sea turtles. It was her first time on a big roller coaster and she did it solo. If you are ever at a theme park with 2 toddlers or 1 for that matter I would highly recommend a kid leash. I always said I would never put my kid on a leash until I had twins. It was so nice to be able to let them out of the stroller to walk or run and burn some energy while not worrying about where they are disappearing to. Most of the time we held onto their hands and just used the "tail" as we call it as a back up. Tuesday we drove about an hour to Cocoa Beach. After being in St John's weather we were in for some sun and sand. It was so nice to see the water and relax by the ocean. Even if the relaxing was short lived. Preston and Lily were all over the place. Preston has no fear, he was running into the ocean and laughing when the force of the water swept him off his feet. Lily would just put her feet in and would scream bloody murder if she fell down. It is so funny she has no fear when it comes to animals but is terrified of the ocean. She was the same way when we went to the pool. She would get in up to right above her ankles then get out. Ashley managed to get some boogie boarding in. She went over to the Ron Jon surf shop and bought a board and attempted to ride the waves. She did well and I even got some pictures in between soothing Lily and making sure Preston didn't get swept out to sea.
Tuesday afternoon we drove back to Orlando and met up with my sister, her husband and their daughter. We moved over tot he Animal Kingdom lodge where we will remain for the rest of our trip. Aaron got in safe and sound on Wednesday and we have been going ever since. Stay tuned for all the Disney fun!!!!

Ashley is 2nd from the left. I took this picture from under the roller coaster.

The cutest sleeping seal ever!
Silly hat we all tried on.

Preston was the only one who wanted to play in the water!


Dustin said...

Awesome pics...looks like ya'll are having a blast.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures Staci, looks like you are all having a great time.

Joe said...

Looks awesome Staci, glad you included one pic of yourself, was beginning to wonder if you just sent the kids :P Happy Birthday and have a great day!

Kim H. said...

What a great trip - I can't wait to see more pictures!