Thursday, June 24, 2010

Check check check

I am a list person. I create lots of lists throughout the day. When I wake in the morning I write down 4-5 things I want to get accomplished that day. It can be the floors, hanging up wall stuff, vacuum cobwebs........ yup that's one of my list items. Right now in my purse I have 4 lists. It's actually one list but written on several tiny pieces of paper. This is because when something pops in my head I write it down on anything, then I take all those lists and stuff them into my purse. I get crazy looks in the grocery store or Hobby Lobby when I am thumbing through tiny pieces of paper combining the things I need from each list so I don't forget anything. Having to go back to a store the next day for 1 item is no fun especially with 2 two year olds. So that is my crazy list post. Do you have a way to keep my list organized?

Mandatory cute pic


Jenn and Kevin Simpson said...

Love the mandatory pic!!! As far as advice for your lists... Get a little notebook and carry it with you in your purse. Each day date the page and write your list. Cross off as you go. You'll feel so accomplished and have ur lists if you ever needed to look back at something. I did when I was a teacher and it worked very well.

Kristin O. said...

I am SUCH a list person too! And find my lists everywhere (under couches, my diaper bag, etc)... Anyways, just started following recently and wanted to say hello!