Monday, August 6, 2012


I could not ask for a better husband, father, and mentor to our family. For our 8th anniversary on July 10 Aaron was out of town in California. I know poor Aaron in Los Angeles for work! So when I realized he would be gone for our anniversary I simply said "bring me something pretty back" Boy did he. First of all when Aaron gives a gift he really thinks about it. He doesn't just go by a random something and put it in a box. He went to High Voltage tattoo studio in Hollywood and purchased an autographed biography from Kat on D. She is a world famous tattoo artist and the star of reality show LA Ink. He then booked 2 flights to LA for he and I to fly out over Labor Day and for me to get a tattoo at High Voltage by one of their amazingly talented artists. He even arranged for his parents to come in from Louisiana to watch the kids. How cool is that? I'm so lucky to have a man that knows exactly what kind of gift I would love.

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