Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy and Healthy

Yesterday at MOPS a lady gave a devotion before our activities started. She spoke about JOY and how it can't be bought, or manufactured. She went on to tell a story about when her daughter was growing up their house was an "Aggie House" if your from the south you understand but if your not allow me to explain. Aggie's (and any other die hard college from the south) live, eat, sleep and breath all things AGGIE. The lady spoke of how amazing her daughter was and how she made honors and went to leadership programs during the summer at A & M. So imagine the disappointment of her parents when she didn't graduate the top 10% of her class and go on the be an "AGGIE" As the speaker said that "she didn't get accepted" she still had the look of disappointment on her face. I wonder as a mom if her daughter sees that same look when the topic comes up in their household. The daughter goes to Baylor, a great school as well, but it's not A & M. I thought about this story most of the day yesterday. I thought about going through life with the pressure of getting into a school that you personally may or may not want to go to. I thought about the disappointment that the parents must have felt when she didn't get in. And even more the disappointment the daughter must have felt when she let her parents down. Did she though? She graduated with honors, she attended leadership camp every summer, she goes to Baylor. Is she happy? I don't know. I came to the conclusion that I am so glad my parents didn't put pressures like that on me. Granted my childhood was not at all what this girls was. The only pressure my parents put on me growing up was to be HAPPY! Truly happy. My dad used to always ask me "are you happy" sometimes my answer was no. He would reply "then do something about it" and I always did. All I ever want for my kids is to be happy, truly happy. I don't want them to have the overwhelming pressure to go to a college they might not give a crap about. I don't want to live through my kids. I want them to live for themselves and to be HAPPY!

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