Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter weekend

We had a fabulous Easter weekend. Aaron was off on Friday so we woke up early and went to eat breakfast. We then went to Wal- Mart. Aaron's family came in later that evening and we went out to dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant. Saturday we had the joy of watching the easter bunny pass in his yellow Mustang convertable. We decided to go to the Saint Arnold brewery in the afternoon. It's a cool place to go and see how the beer brewing process works and to get a sample of course. Ashley, Ali and Pierre wanted to go to the rodeo carnival since it was the last day. The rest of us headed to the park. The kids had so much fun! Well Presley did anyway and we got some great pictures. Sunday we went to our amazing church service. It was so awesome I felt like I was at a broadway show the lighting and music was so intense. Dustin and Tasha and the kids came over after church so all the kids could have an Easter egg hunt. The Easter bunny came to Aunt Staci's house too! Later we ate bbq and Aaron's family headed back to Louisiana. I enjoyed the visit and will miss them alot when we move. Here are lots of pictures for you.

Presley at the park

Pop and Preston

Awww Ashley was at the carnival and didn't get in the pic

Nana and Presley

Seriously she was walking and fell in this hole

Nana, Pop, Lily, Preston and Presley

Presley tasting the egg

Jakob found lots of eggs

Kate eating her treat the bunny left, gold fish!!!

Oh I got one!


Preston with his bunny slippers on

Lily missing out on the egg hunting fun

Can you say YUM!

Too cool for Easter!

Preston and uncle Dustin

The kids enjoy their picnic

I just had to post this, that guy

Awww Pepaw (my dad) and Preston

Kate riding the duck