Monday, September 14, 2009

Lots of learning

Before we went on our long vacation to Texas we would do animals, shapes, colors, numbers and basic words from time to time. I wanted to start a routine and set aside some morning time to do this daily. Once we got back I decided to do just that. Every morning after breakfast before the day gets too chaotic we work on our animals, shapes, colors, numbers and letters. After only doing this daily for 2 weeks I am happy to report that my kids are pretty good at this learning stuff. Maybe they had this information stored up there in their brains and they were just waiting for mommy to take the time to work with them one on one. Lily can sing all of her abc's, twinkle twinkle, and says more words than Preston but I can tell he is catching on. I will ask "What color is the tree" and Lily will say "green. I ask Preston "what color is the school bus" and he will say "yellow" Apparently yellow is the color of everything because if you ask what color is this and point to something he always says yellow.
I found the best way for my kids sit and have learning time is books or puzzles. We have a book of colors, shapes, animals, and numbers. We do the abc song on the computer from the fisher-price website. It doesn't end in the morning though through out the day I am always asking what color, how many: let's count, singing, asking what sound does something make. Hopefully they will be pretty smart when they go to school, if not we can hope for the cutest, hehe

Hope everyone has a good week.

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