Monday, September 7, 2009

One of those mornings

Aaron left this morning to go to Calgary for the week. It's been a while since I have been home alone with the 3 kids and right now it exhausts me just thinking about it. The babies are turning into well gremlins, as we call them. It's constant whining, screaming, toy stealing, body flinging onto the floor, up, down, climbing and well you get the idea. They are really testing their limits. Yesterday Preston climbed onto our bar height patio table and stood up. He was not scared at all and thought it was totally funny when Aaron fussed at him. Last night at dinner Preston threw his fork and milk across the table. We gave him a warning after he threw the fork but then tried time out when he threw the milk. We have officially designated a time out spot. He got up a few times but I pulled a super nanny and kept putting him back. He then sat and cried for 2 minutes. Lily is not such a perfect little angel she sat in time out for climbing onto the side table in our living room.
So this morning when they started to get bored and whiney I went to the closet and got out all the hats, gloves and shoes I could find and put them in a pile in the middle of the living room. They had fun dressing up and acting silly. I am going to start scouring the internet now for indoor activities because it's going to be a long winter. If you have any indoor toddler activities I would love to hear them. It's nice outside now but super windy and only 60. Thank god we are going to Disney World in November and home for Christmas. That will help break up the long, cold winter with 2 two year olds.


Jenn and Kevin Simpson said...

Very cute pictures!

Here are some ideas:
Shaving Cream in the Bath in the middle of the day
Washing Little People in a big bowl
Guess what's in the bag
Make some cookies and let them decorate them

I'll try to think of more! Good luck. You'll do fine. Just think of how much I will be home alone with 3 kids.

Robyn said...

This might be a long one...
We go bowling. I took old water bottles or gatoraide bottles and washed them really well. Then we filled them with dry pinto beans. Next, I glued the lid on. Don't remember what glue, but make sure it is good for plastic. I think we filled 6. Find a playground ball and put your kids in the hallway. All of the kids love this one. It does get noisy, but my kids are always noisy.
Glad to hear your twins are doing the same things mine are. I thought I had the only two crazy twins.

Freckles Fotography said...

Staci you are doing great girl!! 2 is a trying age.. just because they are becoming independent. But 3, I will always stand by my word that 3 is really the terrible age and not 2. Dont know if thats comforting or not..Shaving cream is a Huge hit here. The kids love to decorate the shower door with it.. Also we take all the pillows in the house put them on the floor and jump on to them.. usually its off of the couch..but I have to make sure they know that this is a controlled game and not one that can be played all the time. They also have just started dressing up. Granted my kids are 5/3, Its hard to cater to both..but it works. Good luck girl and We will see ya in December :D