Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yours, Mine, Ours

Lily's new thing while at the dinner table is taking Preston's cup and giving him hers. She then says "it's yours" in the sweetest lowest little voice. So cute, I wish I could get her on video but they see the camera and stop all performing. Another thing that she is doing, that leaves us wondering where did she learned that, is she points to Aaron or I and says "mine". Preston often has a look of confusion. I guess with twins the jealousy is to be expected but not at 22 months!
Preston is very much a climber and tests his limits daily hourly. I have found him sitting in the middle of our pub height dining room table, trying to climb on the counter in the kitchen and always on the back of the couch. Lets just say time out is something he DOES NOT like but for his safety it is well desrved.
I keep my sanity by going somewhere everyday. We go to the park, play group, grocery store, pick up Ashley at school. The daily car rides are something to look forward to when your a toddler.


Annie said...

SO cute. It is a wonderful age.

Nanna said...

I once went outside to find Ali sitting on top of the swing set,stay at home moms, the unpaid saviors of the world!
Miss you all dearly
Love Nanna