Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birthday party weekend

We have already had quit a weekend and it's only Saturday. Last night we took Ashley, her 2 best friends and their daters out for her 15th birthday dinner. Even though her birthday is on the 29th it's much easier to celebrate the weekend before since it's so close to Halloween. Ashley had a great time. Aaron and I decided to get her a cell phone for her birthday. No not a new cell phone, a cell phone. She must be the only 15 year old without one. At the restaurant Aaron and I sat at a different table than the Ashley and her friends, because parents are SOOOOOO EMBARASSING. Anyway I had our waiter deliver her present over to her table and while she was opening it I called her phone so it would ring the happy birthday tune I previously downloaded. She was so surprised and happy. I sure hope I don't live to regret getting her a cell phone. I have heard some pretty scarey stories (high bills) from people with teenagers that have them. Here is a picture of the girls ALL DRESSED UP:
Ashley, Sheena, Randi

This morning we had the twins 2nd birthday party. Since their birthday is on Halloween I have a feeling that the next 18 years we will always have their birthday the weekend before. We had so much fun this morning. Even though I kind of lost track of time and when our guests started to arrive my kids were still in their pj's. We started off with each of the kids picking out a small pumpkin to decorate. I got some pipe cleaners, googly eyes, puffy balls, and felt stickers. I opted out of the glitter, kids and glitter scares me. After our pumpkin craft we had a visit with NL Jungle and their animals. They are a company that brings small animals, for the kids to love and rub on while learning a little about each one. Lily had NO FEAR! She laid down and looked into the face of each animal. Even the snake and lizard she loved them all. Preston would touch them but not nearly as much as Lily. She is such an animal lover. We ended the party with cake and presents. I opened my freezer a moment ago to 3 boxes of ice cream cups I forgot about. Oh well. I guess I know what my mom and I will be snacking on while she is here visiting.


Annie said...

Wow, looks like a busy and fun weekend. So glad everyone had their special day full of fun.

Happy Sunday

Betsy said...

ice cream cups, staci?! why'd you have to forget about the ice cream cups?! :D i would've put a dent in them for you.

Faron and Adrian said...

Happy Birthday Lily and Preston!!!!

Luv from Houston!

Faron and Adrian said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!!

Lotsa luv from Houston!

Robyn said...

Wow. Your October is our May. Happy Birthday to all of the kids. Ashley will be just fine with the phone. I'm sure you've told her the limits. She's a good kid. 2 years old! Time flies, huh? Happy Halloween, Happy Birthdays, Happy October!