Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Little Girl

Well she isn't so little anymore. She is 15. Wow just saying that out loud is crazy to me. I can remember the day she was born it was a day that I grew up too. I was only 16 when Ashley was born so basically just a kid myself. I was scared, nervous and determined to be a good mom. I am so happy with the young lady Ashley has become. Ashley is a beautiful, funny, smart and caring girl. I could not ask for a better daughter. Happy Birthday Ashley! Today my mom and I took her to the mall to buy her a new outfit and to lunch. While at lunch Meme told the waitress it was Ashley's birthday. Here is what the did for her. She was so embarrassed but thought it was funny!


Jenn and Kevin Simpson said...

Moose antlers...only in Canada! LMAO!
Love it! Happy birthday!

Freckles Fotography said...

I feel like I have known Ash my whole life. We are kindered spirits for sure. I feel like when God put Dustin in my life he was also putting you and Ashley there as well. Smart guy that GOD ;)
Ashley, I love you, You are spirited, funny, full of life, unique and super duper cool! I love watching you grow.. Happy Birthday!!

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!!!! God bless you.

Nanna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!!! A pair of antlers has never looked so good. Love you lots Nanna