Friday, October 9, 2009

What a week

This week living so far away has really got me down. Well it could also be that we have had 2 weeks straight with rain. I got a call on Sunday that my niece Katharine, who just turned 3 was in the emergency room because she had been running a fever of 102 for 24 hours. She tested positive for H1N1 and is do much better now. My brother, Dustin who was playing football on Sunday with some guys at work fell on his shoulder causing him alot of pain. He decided to go to the emergency room with his wife, Tasha and daughter. He I believe is doing better. So thinking that was going to be all the emergency room visits for my family this week I get a call from my mom. My dad was taken to the emergency room on Monday due to breathing problems. As you may remember he suffered a heart attack last year on October 7th. Almost a year later he is back at the hospital for fluid around his heart and lungs. They were able to drain off the fluid and he was sent home yesterday. But wait there's more. Unbeknownst to me I got a text Wednesday night letting me know my sister in law, Tasha had been taken to the emergency room by ambulance. She went to the doctor having breathing problems and thought it was just her asthma acting up. The doctor gave her 3 breathing treatments and a steroid shot. The doctor decided it was best to get her to the emergency room. Once there she had a major asthma attack after a breathing treatment and there was some concern about her being able to breath on her own. She had gone numb in her extremities and turned blue. She is on oxygen and some of her lab work is abnormal, so they are keeping her in the hospital. She has also tested positive for H1N1. Please keep all of my sick family members in your prayers. This must be so rough for them especially my brother. He doesn't have anyone down there to help him because no one wants to get H1N1. Tasha and I have a great group of girlfriends who are getting together to bring meals to the house just to leave on the porch. That will help and people can help without being infected.
Well Thanksgiving is this weekend in Canada. I don't think we are doing anything. I am sure it will just be another day. We will celebrate Thanksgiving when we go to Disney during the U S Thanksgiving holiday.

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