Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bye Bye Binky (for real this time)

I waited to post this until it was for sure. It's been a week since Preston bit a hole in his beloved binky so I told him we had to throw it away. He gave it a kiss, said bye bye and put it in the trash. I admit I did tear up a little. I mean he has been best friends with binky since birth. Binky made many appearances in the first year but once Preston was a year old we only let him have it at bedtime. Preston knew when he got out of bed Binky had to stay behind. He always perched him up on the rail of the crib by the wall to wait until it was time to sleep again. Binky was a world traveller, always going on the airplane with his bff. Just recently when we went to Florida Preston was holding Binky up to the window and saying "you see it, Binky, you see the airplane" Seriously the cutest thing ever. The Binky Preston had, well we had 3, the duck, the horse and the dog. We just cute the pacifier off and now he has Binky dog.
As we leave tomorrow for our flight I hope Preston is happy with just the dog.

So long Binky we will miss you!


Jenn and Kevin Simpson said...

AWWWW...he is such a big boy now! Kiera adored his binky!

Annie said...

I need to do the same but with bottles.