Thursday, December 17, 2009

Home for the Holidays!!!!

I literally took the suitcases out this morning. This week has been so busy. With us doing our Christmas last Sunday, then me trying to finish up some last minute gifts before leaving. Me and the twins will actually be staying in Texas until Jan. 16th. I am attending a retreat for CCMand hosting a baby shower for my friend Jenn, who is pregnant with boy/girl twins. So instead of flying back I figured it would be best to just extend this trip and do it all while I was there. Of course this also means I have to be fully prepared for the shower, retreat, Christmas, and New Year's. I think I am all done now and completely packed. I finished the last load of clothes, zipped the last suitcase but now what's for dinner. I guess this is a night we will order in.
Even though it's been busy I love that I can take the kids outside to enjoy the snow. It doesn't take as long this year to get them bundled up and they love going outside. Once we get done putting on socks, boots, gloves, snow pants, jackets and hats it's time to head out. Here is a cute video I took yesterday and a few pictures of our snow man.


Jenn and Kevin Simpson said...

Can't wait to see you! A whole month...WOW!!!

Annie said...

Have a safe trip.