Wednesday, April 30, 2008

so much

going on. Let's start with the most exciting news. We have our house on the market and a sign in the yard. While Aaron was home last week we cleaned and organized and filled the garage with the clutter from the house. I sure hope a potential buyer doesn't go in the's scary!!!

Next the babies are a half a year old today! The ticker says 5 months 4 weeks and 2 days but that is crap. They are 6 months and getting so big. Everyone always says they can't wait for their baby to do______. I wish they would stay just like this. I love them at this age. They laugh and smile at everything. Momma and Daddy are perfect in their eyes. You should see the way Lily looks at Aaron. It melts my heart. I guess we have the best or uhhh the semi best of both worlds. We have a 13 yr old girl and 2 6 months old babies. Yea Ashley has her hormonal days that she hates us and would rather be doing anything else than be seen with us. She also has a heart of gold and has really been a big help this week. She has come home everyday and helped with the babies while I clean up. As my friend Jenn says "I am my own maid" No one can clean this house like me. Ashley has also kept her bed made and room cleaned, spotless. That is saying alot for Ashley. I love her but man is she lazy.

Something else I have noticed this week. I was recently emailing a friend of mine who is pregnant with twins and have been giving her tips on things she might need in the beginning. I said diapers. That got me thinking I have not bought diapers yet for these babies. I opened my last box of size 2 yesterday. In the beginning I exchanged one size for another but have yet to buy a pack of diapers. I really appreciate everyone who bought diapers to cover these little baby bottoms. So my advice to all the moms or gift giving people.......give diapers.....start while your pregnant and buy them as you go to the grocery store you will be happy you did.

Take care- Staci

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Kim H. said...

While I'm sad that you're moving, I'm happy that you're making progress. It's great that Ashley is being so helpful too - she really is a great kid, even if she is entering those TEEN years. :-)