Monday, April 14, 2008

Big milestone

Our little Lily is getting a TOOTH!!!!! On the bottom right I can see a little white thing poking up through her gums. They have both found their hand. Preston will hold his hand in front of him and just move it back and forth and look at it. Lily reaches for stuff if it is in front of her. Gosh they are getting so big.
I am recovering well. my mom is still her and helping a ton. We went today to attempt to take bluebonnet pics. Well we got home and all the pics suck so I guess I will try to attempt one more time maybe this week in the evening or morning. I have alot going on this week though. Carpet cleaning, pest control, relocation companies......... oh my!!!!


finneya said...

A tooth omg, they are getting so big. Staci, hope your feeling better.

Mama Jean said...

And what did the tooth fairy bring her? We can't wait for Friday to come so we can see!!!! omg Finny with a baby!!The first thing we have to buy that baby is a four-wheeler.
Our babies are growing so much, wait until you see Presley.
love ya,