Monday, May 19, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow the relocation company comes to pack our house. Then Wed. they will load into the truck, a 50 foot trailer that will be pulled by an 18 wheeler. Wow! Our whole house and our car will be in this thing. Pray that it all gets there safely. The house is well on it's way to closing. The option period is up on Wed. but we have signed off on the inspection and so have the buyers. There shouldn't be any thing else come up between now and closing. Our realtor told me tonight that she could have sold the house 3 times while we were in our option period. Too bad you can't accept offers during that time. Oh well. I will just be glad that the house is sold and we will be done with it while in Canada. There are some houses on our street that have been on the market for months.
Not much else going one....... just setting aside things for the movers NOT to pack up.
I will leave you with some pictures.
The babies new ride
She gets into the darndest things
Showing off her Hawaii shirt Nan brought her
Preston not too happy with his picture being taken in his Hawaii shirt
Lily grabbing my nose

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The Stone-Simmons Family said...

I can't believe it's today! Hope all goes well! I can't believe you are leaving us.