Thursday, May 15, 2008

I finally did it!

After much consideration and going back and forth I finally got Lily's ears pierced. I had to leave the house today by 9 am because the buyers were having their inspection. I tried to come home about 12:30 but they were still here so I went to get Lily's ears pierced. She only cried a few minutes, much like her shots. She looks so cute. You can still see the purple mark on her ears from the marker. It was so funny every time the lady tried to mark a spot she would turn her head and get it on her face. Silly girl!!! Did I mention how cute she looks?

Lily eating her foot for dinner

Open wide big guy


The Schoens said...

OH MY she looks so cute!! You are braver than I stac.

Jenn & Kevin said...

I love the little earrings. I really want to get Kiera's done. Maybe I will soon. You have inspired me.