Thursday, May 8, 2008

the babies new tricks

The babies have a few new tricks. Preston has found his VOICE!!! Oh my how he uses it too. He has started to grunt, moan, yell and whimper. I said he sounds like a little puppy sometimes. When I put him in his high chair if I am not fast enough he starts groaning. I am trying to get it on video because it is hilarious. He gets so frustrated.
Lily has found her feet. She is always looking at them thinking "if I could just get them in my mouth" This week she did. She puts them in her mouth when we are changing her diaper, when she is in her car seat, on the floor and even in her high chair. Her socks tonight were covered in sweet potatoes. She has also started to reach and grab things. ANYTHING. If it's in front of her and she can get it, she will!!! Even Ashley's hair. I was holding Lily today and there was a piece of paper on the cabinet and she grabbed it. I guess I had better be careful about what's in her path now.
Our house is still on the market. It's only been a week so I am good. We have had 3 showings and 1 open house. The relocation company comes on May 20th to pack our stuff. We will be staying at my sister's house before we leave on June 2nd. I hope she doesn't get tired of us. : )
There isn't much else going on. I am looking forward to this weekend. Our friends are having their annual crawfish boil on Saturday. I have never been but they have it every year and this is the first year we are able to go. It's probably the last time we will eat crawfish for quite a while. YUM!!!

take care for now and if I get Preston on video I will post it. Stay tuned!

Almost in her mouth (the flash is a little bright)

She will literally fall aslseep right there while she is playing. Sweet girl!!!

Preston loves the jumperoo. Look at those chunky thighs!


Jenn & Kevin said...

I absolutely love when they find their feet. It is too cute. I cannot believe Lily can sleep through all Preston's jibber jabber. She must be a pretty sound sleeper!

Kim H. said...

The babies are so cute!! We can't wait to see you all tomorrow!

Mama Jean said...

my,my,my, what beautiful pics, I can see them growing just from the pics. Give them a hug and big kiss from me.
love all of you