Saturday, November 1, 2008

meal time

I have been asked about the babies meals so for the past few days I have been keeping track of their menu. I have discovered they eat alot. Seriously! A waffle per kid, plus, oranges and applesauce! The once a day bottle is going great again. They have only had a bottle at night all this week.

Breakfast- 2 packs of single serving oatmeal, small thing of yogurt, individual container of applesauce, 6 oz milk/formula
Lunch- half a can of green beans, 3 vienna sausage, individual container mandarin oranges, 6 oz milk/formula
Snack- apple water (mostly water with a little juice), cheerios
Dinner- chicken, mashed potato's, back eyed peas, banana
Bedtime- 6 oz formula/milk

Breakfast- 2 blueberry waffles, 1/2 banana, 6 oz formula/milk
Lunch- ravioli, apple grape sauce, 6 oz formula/milk
Snack- mango/peach fruit cup, apple water
Dinner- meat loaf, mashed potato's, green peas w/cheese
Bedtime- 6 oz formula/milk

Breakfast- oatmeal, applesauce, 6 oz formula/milk
Lunch- alphabet pasta, fruit cup, 6 oz formula/milk
Snack- 6 oz formula/milk (in a sippy cup at the store to hold them until dinner) cheerios
Dinner- vienna sausage, green beans, mandarin oranges, yogurt
Bedtime- 6 oz formula/milk

Breakfast- waffles, banana, 6 oz formula/milk
Lunch- Spaghetti with meatballs, avocado, 6 oz formula/milk
Snack- toast, apple water
Dinner- meat loaf, green beans, 6 oz formula/milk
Bedtime- 6 oz formula/milk

Breakfast- oatmeal, biscuit, oranges, apple water
Lunch- hot dog, mashed potato's
Snack- puffs, apple water
Dinner- ham, butternut squash, sweet potato's, cheese bread
Bedtime- 6 oz formula/milk


Schoen Shenanigans said...

Sounds like you got it down.
The eating will Peak and then it will slack off a little. It goes in stages.. they eat alot and then it seems like they dont eat at all. Katharine really has never had the slacking off part.. atleast not yet.. ;)

Annie said...

Wow,they really eat a lot.

Some days my girls eat a lot but other days no.


Courtney said...

love this post!!! now why wont john eat anything??? i am so frustrated. any tricks you have up your sleve?