Wednesday, November 26, 2008

bye bye bottle

It's official the bottle is gone!!!!! By gone I mean in a box in the basement so not easy to access. I thought it would be difficult to get rid of the night time bottle but it was no problem at all. I give them their cup of milk in their play room or bed room while we read then to bed. I can feel the baby stage slowly drifting further away.

Also it's worth mentioning that I think they have started to speak where we can actually understand them. I have started teaching a new item each week or every few weeks. We started with duck, next we will do ball. It has worked because they both now know duck and can say it. We were at a store and Lily looked at some baby pajamas and said "duh" there was a duck on them, I got so excited!!

So far they have said: duck (du), daddy, momma (momomo), Ash (Ah)
Lily says: that (dat) and points
Preston says: thank you (day do)

I promise there will be more pictures. I have been slacking lately.

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