Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1 year check up

I took the babies for their one year check up this morning. They did a developmental check and said they were brilliant!! No really she said they both look like they are right on track. Preston had a mysterious rash that popped up out of no where so they didn't do his shots. We will have to go back to get them done. Lily did really well she only cried for a few seconds. I can't remember where they are on the growth charts but they are 50% for height/weight proportion so that's good to me.
weight: 8.35 kg/18.40 lbs
height: 70 cm/27.55 in
head: 44 cm/17.32 in

weight: 9.42 kg/20.76 lbs
height: 74 cm/29.13 in
head: 44 cm/17.32 in


Annie said...

Wow, one year check up. God bless your babies.

faron and adrian said...

Glad you put the other measurements next to those metrics! Don't get all 'rest of the world' on us down here in the states! haha.

Wow, they are getting so big! I bet they've changed just since we saw them a month ago.

Hugs to you all!

Kim H. said...

I guess it's a good thing that their heads are the same size!! HA! It's hard to believe that Preston is any bigger than Lily from the pictures - they look like they are exactly the same size... two pounds isn't much, unless you're carrying them around all day! I'm glad that they are doing so well... and I know it's because they have such a good Mama taking care of them!