Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween happenings

We drove to a neighborhood to go trick or treating but when we got there it was so windy we decided to just come home and hang out in the garage to pass out candy. We only got about 5 trick or treater's. We put the babies to bed and relaxed. Ashley went trick or treating with her friends. Yea she is one of those teenagers you see and think "Aren't you too old" She was dressed up though.
Here are some pictures of the babies in their costumes:
Time for some sliding fun........Aaron loves playing with the babies. They love it too!


Annie said...

Lovely costumes, they look precious.


Karen said...

Oh,they're so cute in their costumes! My daughter will be trick or treating as long as she can. She loves it. We had the most beautiful weather in years, so lots of kids were out.

Ann said...

Toooo cute! :D

Kim H. said...

Very cute! Sorry that you didn't have a bunch of trick-or-treaters... we had WAY more than last year, but I think they might have driven over from other areas - I've never seen that many kids in our neighborhood.

Tracy said...

Thanks for your note in my blog! I appreciate the words of support. My goodness, your children are gorgeous!!! Well done, mama!