Friday, March 5, 2010

Just another day in paradise!

Y e a r i g h t! I hate this weather. The twins had their last day of swimming so like a good mommy I went in the pool with them and then HAD to go to Wal Mart to buy diapers. The weather has been crap all week and I have been putting it off for days. Freakin sucks because the kids hate wearing their jackets in their car seats so it's take the jackets off, put the kids in, drive to the bank, take the kids out, put jackets on, go back to car, take jackets off, drive to wal mart, take kids out, put jackets on, run through parking lot while being hit in the face by freezing rain, go into Wal Mart get the stuff we need oh no Preston lost his boot. Go to customer service make an announcement for boys green frog boot. No such luck. Find frog boot in the clearence section by the toys. Run back to car oh no I parked over the drain thing, stand in ankle deep water removing coats and strapping wet screaming kids into car seats. Get into car turn radio up so I can't hear the wet screaming kids and take a deep breath and drive home. Both kids asleep before we get on the highway! Ahhhhh peace.

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Jenn and Kevin Simpson said...

Ok that is freaking HILARIOUS!!! and a down right scary to read for a mother of newborn twins...especially with a three year old on top of that.

Glad your coming back to the land of heat and humidity. Instead of strapping screaming wet kids in the car, you can strap hot sweaty and smelly kids into the car!!!