Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pinch Me

When I was a little girl dreaming about how my life would be I never imagined it would be so wonderfully blessed. I am so proud of my kids, my husband and my life.

Look how beautiful my daughter is and talented she made the dress she is wearing, here's how: I took an old blanket and cut it and made a bow then I tied knots down the back of it... then put a head band around it.. and spray painted it.

I recently got a phone call that my name was selected to win a free session with a local photographer. I figured it would be a great way to waste a morning plus get some pics of the twins. We have only taken family pictures once and have never had the twins pictures taken. These aren't the best but at least we have some cute pics showing their personality. When we get back down to Texas we will have some really cute pics taken by Freckles Fotography......... I can't wait!


Jenn and Kevin Simpson said...

I think the pics are adorable. I love lily's dress!

Yay.... I am so glad Ashley is continuing her clothes making hobby. I remember the stuff that she made with your itty bitty sewing machine out of a sheet when we were there visiting. I was amazed.

Vanessa said...

Oh Stacie -- those pictures of Ashley ARE amazing!! I'm tempted to get your SIL to take pics of MY kids when we go down! :) AWESOME!

Deanna said...

I am itching to learn how to sew...Ashley is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady, and those twins...I am so looking forward to seeing more and more of you guys...I CANT WAIT!!!