Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Safe in Texas

I attempted to do this post from my cell phone but couldn't figure it out. So we made it safe to TX last Thursday. I closed on the new house on Friday and have been busy ever since. I have managed to hook up all the utilities, register the twins for pre school and spend some time with my favorite munchkins. We did have a little hiccup when I went to the house with my new keys and none of them worked. Luckily the front door was UNLOCKED. I am meeting a lock smith Thur to get all the locks changed and new keys at the expense of Meritage homes since they can only seem to find one key that works one lock on the back door. I have lots of things scattered around at my sisters and my brothers house. I am going to make a trip over to the house tomorrow to bring some stuff.
Aaron arrives on Thur and we will head to Louisiana for some rest, relaxation and CRAWFISH! I can't wait. I have no idea when our stuff will arrive, we were hoping for the week that Aaron is here but we will have to see. I will keep you updated, just wanted to tell you I am alive and well and very busy.

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