Thursday, May 13, 2010

A few pics

Things have settled down around here. We are in a routine sort of. The kids love their school. Preston and Lily go on Tuesdays and Thursdays to a little preschool close by. It is so nice to have 10 hours a weeks to myself with no kids. I get so much done. I find that I have my lists and am so quick to go in and out of a store when usually I would love to just take my time and browse. Ashley applied and got a lifeguard position for our neighborhood pool. She can't start until she has completed the 32 hours of training. She did half last weekend and will do the other half this weekend. It will be so good for her to have a job and to be able to see why it's called work. You actually have to work and be somewhere on time and you get rewarded with a pay check. I kept with the theme I had in Newfoundland and still do my playgroups on Wednesdays it's just with different moms. We have been planning to go to the zoo but it's been hot and we have 2 moms that aren't going to do will in the heat. One is 7 months pregnant and the other has 3 month old twins. Maybe the children's museum is in our future. :) Let me see what else is going on....... I am counting down the days until my girls weekend away. Most the girls on my dad's side of the family are going to New Braunfels to go toobing on the river. To be honest I don't care what we do I am just happy to get away to recharge. Aaron has been coming home on a regular basis although he is still working in Newfoundland he should be in Calgary soon. He has been home since last Friday, when he leaves it will take a few days to readjust to him being gone.
So that's about it for us. Here are a few pictures taken recently.

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Shelley said...

I Love New Braunfels! Jealous!