Monday, May 3, 2010

Our weekend at the farm, ranch, country

It's been called many things over the years but in our family when you say we are going to the farm, ranch or country we all know what you mean. We had a fabulous weekend at our family ranch. This ranch has been owned by my grandparents for 30 years. A 110 acres of hills, grass, trees, wild life, cows and fresh air. I love going up there and love it even more that my kids get to go up and make precious memories like I did when I was growing up. We headed out for the 2 hour drive right after Ashley got out of school Friday. Just the drive up there is peaceful..... even with the crying 2 year olds in the back seat. My brother and his 2 kids met us there and my dad has been there for a few weeks helping out my grandparents. My grandparents have lived on the farm for, I think, 30 years but in the past few years have needed some help from the family to maintain the land and house. My grandmother fell and broke her hip about 3 weeks ago but has made a great recovery from her injuries. I hope I am that strong at 88 years old. So here are some pictures of our weekend. Sorry for the picture overload, I couldn't decide on any favorites.

Katharine, Jakob, Preston and Lily

Lily making her funny face Me and Preston Jakob making his funny face Preston saying cheeeeeese for the beautiful niece Katharine

Lily trying to figure out how the tractor works.
My dad working on his truck
My super cute nephew Jakob Preston in his laid back stance.
Cute boy
Preston following Jakob everywhere
Katharine showing Lily the doodle bugs
They were inseperable all weekend.


Jenn and Kevin Simpson said...

those are beautiful pictures. so serene out there.

Alicia said...

Gorgeous pictures Staci!! I swear, those sweet little kiddies look like they've grown already...must be the sun, lol! Miss you guys, take care:-)